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in the sunshine and all my stars are aligned, I got time.
how to make a minute out a second? I figured it out
in and out, keep stepping. yall sweating a printout?
life ain't got no receipt, and religious beliefs are deceitful
that shit's stone-age man, it's all see-through
evolve beyond, eighty years and we're gone, so keep the heat on
early morning I sip my Ceylon
looking for a cracker to spread my Brie on
bread and cheese, get your cheese, my G
now we're eating like Dom Delouise, my G
I take 'em crumpled or in bundles, the same to me
I don't grumble, that's that one dude, it ain't me
six million sperm in a load and I made it
so this is all icing on the cake shit
they call me ADHD cuz I can't choose between all these pretty ladies
an outside table please, so we can enjoy the breeze
and when I lean in we accidentally knock knees
it's all a man needs, me and you at the crib, cmon, kick your feet up
a little Aretha, a little reefer, if you want pizza we can put it on my Visa
remember when shit was crucial
staying frugal, eating noodles, basil if you wanna be frou-frou
but this month I'm bubbling so get whatever you wanna get, booboo
cuz pretty soon

85 degrees and by the sea, goddamn right, this is the life for me
my door stays open, fuck privacy. I got nothing to hide, you see
sold my Honda for two gees, yeah they got a deal
now I roll the Oldsmobile, I'm in the driver's seat
stock 16s, scheming on 20s, got a CD player for them hot sixteens
scheming on pennies? not me player..
premium gas, yeah see me I'm fast
I understand yall needing yall cash but 33 cents ain't really all that
cats live like they're destined to fail, I spend like the check's in the mail hustle hard, every month is a downtown shot
but I make it every time and sit down to much applause
think like a pauper? that's all you gonna get
I think like a baller who ain't made it big yet
key word - copping new angles
at lunch with Spielberg, working the half-Jew angle
on that note let me get out your way
gotta shit shower shave for them big power plays
you see, by nature we do this, rain or shine
and everything we want comes to us
cruising, got the wheel in each hand
PCH air smelling like beach sand
pardon me, but i'm feeling every part of me
and I'm ready like the R&B band, sing that shit.


from PRE​-​BOARDING | mixed by DJ Spinna, released October 23, 2014



all rights reserved


Malkovich Music Los Angeles, California


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