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An audio novel of an old soul’s first 26 years of life as a young man on Earth at the turn of the millennium, the sixteen-track, hour-long opus is the bare bones of life, boiled down to the bare essentials of hip-hop music: raw, atmospheric beats and masterful, groundbreaking verses. Malkovich is an original: born overseas and raised in the Middle East, Mediterranean, North Africa and Europe, he’s a world traveler with a writer’s soul and a foreigner’s viewpoint, and has a slew of records dropping in the next year, every one of them 180 degrees different from the one before it. Skeletons is not an album about the rap life, or the drug life, or the club life, or the fast life. This is an album about real life - that funny, scary, happy, confusing, painful, glorious thing we keep waking up to.


released July 31, 2005


all rights reserved



Malkovich Music Los Angeles, California


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Track Name: Innerview
Triumph, tragedy, trials, tribulations
lives, legacies, lies, transformation
rhyme, melody, style, elevation
mind, memory, salvation
in the pursuit of peace, prosperity, release, relief
360 degrees, complete
I speak wonder, secrete thunder
each and every one of you I seek to reach
the beat wash over your ears like water on bleached beaches
imagination runamuck, Pits off the leashes
it's either get ripped to pieces from the inside out
or let 'em loose, tell the truth, each and every time I step into the booth
elegant elocution, excellent execution, heavenfelt sentiment
revolution in development with deadly intent
I take it to any extent, any expense
continue our ascent in any event, crash scenes, leave barriers bent
money on my joint's money well spent
experience, experiment, don't fear this, no hesitance
the present tense is what we're dealing with, and you're feeling it, true
this is the innerview, this is what we came to do, what it takes to break through
communist politics, whatever I got I split in half and make two
did the math in advance, I know what I'm up against
I fill my tank and give thanks for every buck I get
guns bust, another brother wet, wasn't me yet, and that's about as lucky as lucky gets
and we blessed but still stress the B.S., I guess everybody's problems manifest
and yes, I don't profess to be any less messed up than the next one
deaf, dumb and blind in the mind, sometimes I just get numb
thought I had my foot in the door, turned out to be my thumb
found myself in a war i thought was already won
and everyone's in it with me, and yall in it too
the enemy moves quickly, and leaves few clues
no more time for blame or shame or games, complaints just ain't gon' get you nowhere no more
heretofore the issue is you, the issue is you
this is the innerview, this is what we came to do.
Track Name: Old Soul
Burst out on the scene about four in the morning
heard voices calling and started crawling towards them
baby boy James, eight pounds, eight ounces
another pea in a plastic pod surrounded by thousands
destined for something, and all would hope greatness
but by the grace of whoever's in charge we're all fated
some don't make it, some get swallowed by self-hatred
and the chosen few remaining shoulder the weight of a nation
it's a new day, as you laid on a hospital tray
DJ Kool Herc rocked the PJs with beatbreaks and PAs
three quarters of the world is water, a girl is known as a daughter
being a boy you're a son, so that's what we're gonna call you
but no more time to explain where you are or why you came
the movement's in effect, get in step, this is how you play the game
carry yourself correct, always show respect
don't neglect the ones you love and live life with no regrets
when I came into the light there were a bunch of people grabbing me, they called themselves my family
it was taken for granted these were folks who would catch a bullet to see me protected
and on the same token the same of me would be expected
and that respect's extended to anyone in my friendship
unless it's senseless, moms said "use your head, kid
we got a lot invested in you, don't forget this
single parent, three dependents, this is my life sentence"
if only one message of mine becomes embedded, let it be
that life itself is the most precious of all possessions
see, I owe my successes to these jewels I was blessed with
she put it in me, I really can't take the credit
I just venture on adventures with my bag of tricks
throw 'em all against the wall, and see what sticks

this is for the old souls, the solo is all we know souls
a world of faces but we're still lone souls
the people in our lives soon to be gone
and the people who ain't here yet, but won't be long

things keep changing and I rearrange with 'em.

I leapt and caught a thought and let it transport me abroad
humid Tunisian nights, white tunic clinging to the sweat in my pores
cheap whisky and witty whimsy with a native missy
playing soft-spoken till the room fills with smoke and I cough, choking
woke up in flames, took a breath as if expecting this
but now deep down, somehow feeling doubt I never did
I roamed the realm in fits, saw my reflection through the mist
and there I was, a little kid again, innocence in the flesh
and it's picturesque what I pictured for myself
just a white picket fence, a couple pictures on a shelf
but now my life is something else and nothing seems secure
things that seemed so clear before just aren't as clear anymore
but in sickness and health, I take a dive and stay alive
ain't no talk of suicide, it's do or die, truth or lie
till a ray of light, undetected by the naked eye
shines through the sky, taking me back through space and time
and I could have played it safe, yeah, some moves were made in haste
but I strayed away, and nothing we say can change a thing
even if I had a chance to, I wouldn't trade my place
cuz mad fools been laid to waste before getting to state their case
so I kiss the floor when I wake up in the morning
looking at my watch and it's about four again.
Track Name: Sinkorswim
A faceless man stands staggered
paintbrush in one hand, pallette in other
splattering every culture - I mean color!
on a canvas, haphanded
strikes unplanned, satellite unmanned
paint contacts, expands and drips slow
like raindrops on windows but the scenery's on top as well as below
tremble tremolo, two-treble-o, deuce deuces bellowing over open archipelagoes
and the record goes

everything around me keeps going down and down
but this ball of dirt keeps spinning round and round.

Eight billion individuals
sleeping and eating and living and dreaming and killing and stealing
civilians, criminals, constants, variables
morals, dismissing rules, normal, shit to lose
barbarians, infidels, battalions, terrorist cells
Isaac, Ishmael, crisis, morning bell
kills, casualties, mobs, families
bomb 'em till there's no more problem then build gradually
over bodies of soldiers, property holders, peasants, presidents
believed in God but life is not what He told us
so people lay bedridden and wonder if the world is moving or their heads just spinning
and in the interim, business is imminent
militants kill innocents, citizens hunt immigrants
the bigoted birth the ignorant
cuz hungry babies make quiet little kids, confused adolescents and full-grown killers
in a cycle of idle principles, mindless rituals
a rhymebook of listless riddles and still we keep scribbling
higher and lower and over and under and cover to cover
and only to discover

everything around me keeps going down and down
but this ball of dirt keeps spinning round and round.
Track Name: Trippin
Sagging rear bumper and a frost exhaust
AM radio and Maceo's playing 54th
2002 and we're still paying dues
perfected the neck-sleep technique, on the snooze
while my man Jay holds down the cruise control
broken glass and ice, last night was rock and roll
Wisconsin prom king screaming Rodney King
wanna-be SWAT team gassing cats, happy Halloween
Americana, same shit wherever I wonder
Some spots are colder, and some mo' hotter
DEA field day, can't find no marijuana
got the potheads all wet under the collar
but regardless, that got nothing to do with my product
the shit sell itself, I ain't gotta do nada
just make sure it's solid and polished and people can cop it
and that's tax-free profit from their pockets to my wallet
yall know what I'm saying, yall doing the same thing
build your own circle and it all stays internal
biters out the woodwork can't bust our sphere
rubbing my hands, yall doing good work out here
running the track alone's a mad-ass load, why get your back broke
scratch our backs here, we'll do the same back home
we can take this shit over like Tic Tac Toe
and on that note I'm out man, gotta hit that road.

Throw your hands in the air and keep 'em moving
I don't know where I'm going but I know what I'm doing.

NYC - whole different ball game
people on the stoop, people in the hallway
hard rocks on the block, bums on the subway
everyone a hustler, man fuck your small change
only big bills gon' buy that North Face
then there's restitution, court case, yall know the drill
cats in a short space all chasing the same nickel
so it's straight overkill, fishhead, bloated gills
just breathing in Brooklyn's like you're liable to trip a hair trigger
mothers crying clear rivers, I kneel down
wash my face in the basin, and take inspiration
we can make it happen, it's all a question of pacing
so every day we sway the BK, streets to PJs
C train to the L.E.S. to meet the VJs
real talking, you want it or you keep walking
then my mind spits a vision of home
I tell myself I got this far alone, might as well keep going
Fast-forward, New Orleans, four in the morning, rain storming
French Quarter orphans tapdancing for fresh quarters
Gothic chicks snort, snicker and then hit the liquor
Mississippi riverbank, sucking off her dealer
listen close on a calm evening and hear the ghosts breathing
faint gunshots and people in the hood screaming
then I wake up in a cold sweat, though it's humid
like things are moving so fluid I'm addicted to it
my man sits me down and says don't worry yourself
cuz having me here is like being yourself
next stop ATL, steady on the bail
coach class, toe back, enjoying myself.

Throw your hands in the air and keep 'em moving
I don't know where I'm going but I know what I'm doing.
Track Name: Train
Loping pallbearers, open caskets, this is life stripped down to the chassis
we deal with all that was, all that is
Bourbon Street heat, stormy night on the bayou
"Typhoon weather" the man remarks as the lighter sparks
sipping Maker's Mark as the train departs, my window's a slideshow
I see trailer parks, babies playing in the dark
eyes like glowflies, swaying through the marsh
the old man takes two, coughs and looks off in the distance
like he lost something out there and looking'll make a difference
people catching each other's stares and flinching
a boxcar of childless fathers, fatherless children skittering through the wilderness
the train creeps the tracks like a heartbeat, making it hard to sleep
the engine shrieks Neanderthal animals through the blue black
I sit watching the admiral come unglued
not sure when he was born, been through every war
fought with the Spanish Armada, did Pearl Harbor, Desert Storm
sailed galleons, commandeered battalions, fought valiant
and now he just sits there stammering
everyone laughs inside but he's just dealing
ain't no such thing as crazy, he's just dealing
this man here ain't crazy, he's just dealing
went to sleep on his bad side and lost all feeling
ain't no such thing as crazy, we just dealing
a crowd of people face to face, just sitting
on their way to their rented apartments for more sitting
waiting rooms where they sit and wait to stop breathing
and neighbors are strangers, you just hear 'em through the ceiling
the occasional muffled sound, the television
and it gets so lonely sometimes you wanna scream
then the old lady sitting next to me starts speaking
never loved a soul, didn't know the feeling
was a dead woman's sister, a family man's mistress
never loved her mother, her father, her own children
and all you hear is...
talks to herself cuz nobody else will listen
spotted her in the street and they put her on medicine.
Track Name: Skeletons (Malkovich Theme)
Smoke everywhere, man, smoke's all I see
smoke darkening the world, smoke darkening me
fire burning, the lame get burnt to remains
fire burning, those who remain dance in the flames
men come to douse the blaze, just flesh and skin
one blast, all you saw was the skeletons
metal, tin, flesh and skin, life is everything
beginning, the ending, it's life and it's everything.

A leap of faith in deep space, freeze frame
2004 A.D., a strange beast in a weird place awake 20,000 years late
shooting stars scrape scars on a night sky, bleeding rain on us
walking red-spotted like we're in hospital garments
it's pitch-dark in the tarpit, we bark in clipped parlance, begging your pardon, sergeant
all I see is Martians and crooked arches
flying carpets chasing iron starships
passage six, man can see things that don't exist
but can't comprehend a time before this, and so it is
on the escape, cuz nothing is a mistake.

it's ebb and it's flow, it's the head, it's the toes
it's yes and it's no, it's friend and it's foe
it's my arms and my legs, it's my heart and my head
it's the start and the end, the darkness around the bend
it's the land and trees, and the sand and the sea
it's the hand on the key, it's the man you can't see
it's love and it's hate, and it's bumps and it's scrapes
and it's running a race with one foot in the grave

sperm, dirt, muscle, earth, flesh, mesh, faith, fate
create, erase, replace, change shape, same weight
light steals water, water rusts metal
kill a man and his body leaves a bed of rose petals
animal, machine, planet, bone, steel, cold, steel
veins, wires, fertilizer, eat your whole meal
hear with these ears, step with these legs
I breathe the night air and I'm aware something's up there
I'm man, programmed with invisible hands
mastered the codes of math and mind, still a pawn in the plan
getting tired now and these legs are like toothpicks
spark dying out but I keep moving
injured I heal, threatened I run, cornered I fight
tired I rest, threaten my kids, I'm coming for your head
and when it's time to die I lie down and go to sleep
cuz the Earth gotta eat.
Track Name: Eventually
I walk through life with my heart on my sleeve
but yall women just rip it apart then leave
don't let 'em tell you different, the shit is a game
her loss but my bad, I didn't know we were playing
don't ask why when you see the censored me
instead of the James that remains in your memory
he's no longer like that and never will be
cuz honesty always gets me fucked up eventually.

Mon cheri, when I see you I hear Stevie
wonderful feelings erupt and seize me
I'm trying my best to control 'em, believe me
they came on so speedy it's almost creepy
back when I was young I talked to women deeply
where you see yourself at 60? what you wanna be?
then around 16 the conversation turned sexual
since then, been thinking with the head on my genitals
but here we are, ma, wishing upon a star
delving into ourselves, coming out with something raw
and I reach so far, now it's a matter of the heart
I kissed your stretchmarks, let you caress my scars
now the focus switch from sexual to chemical attraction, passion, something everlasting
feelings that I had tucked away for so long
feelings that I thought were just about dead and gone
if you're feeling the same way, you ain't letting on
but then actions speak louder, no card, no flowers
but my phone stays ringing... still, I'm a doubter
at least once an hour's like I'm thinking about you
instinct in this predicament's to let you in
but conditioning in feminine ways tells me different
a woman is a devilish maze and I'm an instrument
made to be played, so I watch what I say
don't give up too much, gotta walk that fine line between the loving touch and not giving too strong a sign
cuz yall ladies been fucked, wined, dined and left behind
screwed over blind until it's like you lost yall minds
and I'm sure I've been that punk more than once, fine
but with you I'm sincere, because you're one of a kind
but lines like that probably come a dozen a dime
and after all, who knows, you might be duping me
so I keep my feelings tucked like a nine, but keeping them concealed is a crime so I'm calling time
can't name the occasions I came in, guns blazing
trying to speed it up when I should have been patient
point taken, now I know to go slow but practicing what I preach is a different situation
but I'm gonna try... but I shouldn't have to try... but I... I guess what I'm saying is

I walk through life with my heart on my sleeve
but yall women just rip it apart then leave
don't let 'em tell you different, the shit is a game
her loss but my bad, I didn't know we were playing
don't ask why when you see me blowing in the breeze
the head games'll never get the better of me
I've always been like that and always will be
cuz honesty will bring me my love eventually.
Track Name: To B. Or Not To B.
Nighttime's when I see the memories
I hear them all the time, night's when they manifest
I lay in bed as they invade my head
so real I can almost feel your flesh
our lips locked as our fingers meshed
I kissed your breasts like they were the last food on Earth left
I stayed up while you slept to listen to your breath
then I heard the sound of drums coming from my chest
no rest, awake till daybreak, tongues exploring, tongues done talking
mind is running, knowing that we've walked into something awesome, shunning caution
aflame, amazed by the things that take place
a present from heaven in a Venus-shaped case
come to grace this lonely man's lowly space
too much to take so I just gaze at your face as we lay waist to waist
and you don't budge, you look straight back at me with eyes filled with love
our lips touch like wet paintbrushes
we kiss and hug and lick and suck and paint each other the same color
candlelit, feeling like I'm dreaming, intertwined shadows creeping the ceiling
we hold tight, you and me come, two become one as the moon becomes sun
and after the rapture dies down, just like before we ever lied down
I smile cuz I feel like I've found my soulmate, somebody that's mine now
to share the sights and sounds with which life surrounds
you make everything feel like the first time, you make me so happy it hurts to smile
feels like we've known each other forever, so at ease
I missed twenty years, one look put me up to speed
and when we connect for that short time, everything against us floats out of sight, out of mind.

Funny how me and you always equals deja vu
more sleepless nights but this time no table for two
and in the place you once laid your head next to me
now lays the ghost that you left when you left
it caresses me then off I doze into the cosmos, I'm on top, it's below
biting my collarbone and moaning, then I'm woken by a phone that's not ringing
a brain that won't stop thinking, a clock that won't stop ticking, waterdrops that won't stop dripping
life wouldn't have been better if I never met you, the pain was worth it for the pleasure
but now I'm left to wonder whether we'll ever be together
am I just a dumb motherfucker for getting in the center of a man, woman and child situation
so we weren't in relations, is there a place in that equation for me?
am I the third leg awaiting amputation? Maybe
but you made me feel like I had a stake and James needs no explanation
I came too late and just early enough to get my heart taken
of course I understand the other man has the upper hand
he was your pat, chance flung him back like a rubber band
I guess we both knew I'd have to go soon
it just felt so good, we held on as long as we could
and pray for a miracle, instead the unthinkable, rendering everything else miniscule
sure, we had a bond, but yall bond was umbilical
so I give you room, cuz I know how difficult it must have been to lose
and the only thing simple about this whole issue is the fact I miss you.

Some people come in your life for a reason
have a little fun, make a point then leave
and some people come and stick around for a season
fade out before they go and get too deep in
and then one person hangs on for the whole ride
the lows, the highs, the ride of a lifetime
I watch you stumble through the dark alone
in the aftermath of the blast, trying to grasp for a hold
and it's been a long road, twisted and cold
you were 19 feeling like 90 years old
but I want you to know that you've touched my soul
something stronger than steel, more precious than gold
it was true romance, crappy circumstance, still you walked with me, still you gave me a chance
and for that I'm forever grateful, forever faithful, forever happy's what I'll make you
but alas, no dice I guess, oh well, I tried my best, that's life I guess
a whole bunch of decisions you thought you'd never have to deal with
leading to a grip of positions you hoped you'd never be in
and I know at times it's all seemingly meaningless
but remember everything happens for a reason
just never forget the feeling we give each other
and I'll see you someday, one way or another.

The same love that set me free is the same love that won't let me be
to B. or not to B.... I guess we'll see.
Track Name: Everything's Perfect
Beats like this remind me of '96
school days, when dookie braids were looking good on some chicks
especially the girl next to me in my only yearbook flick, on picture day I ditched
I was that rapping kid, always on the roam alone, bailing with his headphone on
relatively well-known but kinda on his own zone
just sitting round like I had it all figured out
just counting down the days till I could bounce
of course that was back when the homey was anybody who knows me
we didn't know love so we didn't know lonely
my skin was too thin for anyone to get under
a tin man, blundering through an urban Wonderland
see there's certain things you just gotta roll your sleeves and discover firsthand to truly understand
and some more than others, so it seems
so while I smoked weed and roamed the streets many of us ended up in some sobering scenes
waiting rooms with a baby due, operating rooms, masked ladies draining .380 wounds
interrogation rooms, looking at a case or two, cuz either end of a .380's the wrong end to be facing
looking for the palace, still no sign of Alice
and my hands are catching callouses handling all this baggage I gathered in transit
and I don't mean the ones on my eyes, so since you're asking
I don't talk to that girl I was with, and yeah, it hurts like a bitch
and certain people ain't my homeys no more, and it stinks
don't cut your toes off to fit someone else's shoes, but sometimes all our nails need clipping.

Remember how we used to say our time would come someday?
I guess that day ain't today, we're still on the runway
and remember how we used to say we'd make it together?
I guess along the way some ties got severed but whatever
everything's perfect... everything's perfect.
it's all about how you work it
and for better or worse, it was all worth it.
Track Name: Homecoming
Left my house keys somewhere on the map, slipped in the back
bags still packed, where everybody at?
Zig-Zags and a big bag of shwag, I got the Popov and it's about to pop off
on the porch, long shorts, loving the sun, got the boombox bumping that bump
got me thinking on them days when we were just running to run
searching for something, and now something's begun
and to you, to the crew, what's new on the view
we connect like two and two, my peoples through and through
I got stories, I got souvenirs, and man yall ain't been through in years
looking at you is just like looking through a mirror
fat hats and slacks, I could never take that back
to the life we chose, the life that chose us
no regrets, no ifs, ands, and no buts.

Yeah yeah make a joyous noise like this, give it up for some real life shit
to the couch kids with sofabed dreams, dirty jeans and still living over their means
and it seems money ain't in our genes, so we steam through throwaway schemes
with a gleam like you don't know what they seen
nothing happened but adaption, good or bad, action, it's gotta happen
and I got something in me and it's gotta get out
so either you're running with me or you gotta step out
sometimes I can sit and smoke and drink and drown it out
but tonight the voice is shouting and I can't turn it down
if I hurt you in the process I'm apologizing now
this ain't shit I talk about out loud

No one to blame, how can I complain
just jumped off the train and home looks the same
eses and runaways at the station, and seen one cat I recognized from graduation
and everywhere I go it's the same conversation
"how you been, how you doing, what's the latest"
"same shit as always, trying to make it"
but this year I'm still here and it appears you're here again
seen my boy behind the counter on some eight bucks an hour
forty of every week for a small pile of powder
seen my other dog, still on that heron, mad holes in his arms, smiling like nothing's wrong
at the pad, staring at high ceilings and pipe dreaming
trying to find reasons why we're in these tight squeezes
some blame it on friends, some blame it on no ends
and some stand up on their feet and start hustling for theirs
named all the streets eyes closed on my ride home
same spots I stayed posted at since eighth grade
different kids, same lost look on they face (disappear)
and all them girls who you knew would have kids had kids
and everybody who you thought would do a bid did
and everything I say or do is like deja vu
man I've done it all before, everything at this stage, I've run it through the floor
then I think about that kid who got killed in number four
I think about Daoud and how his own pops popped him
or Rafi, ending his problems with a shotgun
so nowadays when somebody asks me how's things
I say more of the same, man, can't complain
to the life we chose, the life that chose us
it's all good man, knock on wood.
Track Name: Empty
Hazy days, shady lanes, slight gains, major pains
major pains, migraines, name of the game, you pay to play
Sail away, take a night train, a flight on a plane
watch life change, yet remain quite the same, it's kinda strange
what can I say except what I'm saying, and what I'm saying is why am I saying this
why am I saying anything
far be it from me to think thoughts through thoroughly
Ronald Reagan and Rosemary's ADD baby
watched Pogo the Clown till I found out he was John Wayne Gacy
loved John Wayne till I found out John Wayne hated me
guess you thought after that I'd have gone insane, crazy
but instead I got taste for complicated ladies
and it's all related, says the therapist, sent in to help her deal with the rapist
and the rapist is any man cuz we're all dangerous
it could have been a reverend, it could have been a relative
well, everything's relative
just avoid relationships, stay celibate, take these sedatives to forget what a mess this is
she walked in looking down but walked out looking up
the hell with it, I'm interested in an expert's consensus
so I step in, and attempt to craft my conflicting messages into something resembling relevant sentences
I say "Nothing is definite, the uncertainty's deafening, life's a projector with no projectionist, left to spin"
she sighes and replies "It's all about perspective. You're delicate, sensitive, why are you such a pessimist?
You're so negative" I say "hell yeah I'm negative, I'm HIV negative and still scared as shit
So what do you think? Maybe passive-aggressive or just manic-depressive or just anal retentive?"
she said "You got some personal issues to make amends with. This is added incentive"
and I said "aahhh forget it."

I smell something rotten in the bottom of the garden
something sodden, something downtrodden, lost and forgotten
and nobody's acknowledging just how bad it's gotten
we just keep a lid on it till the cogs in our brains start popping
something in the air spreading like pollen
I inhale the oxygen intoxicant and start coughing like...

hard times bring out the dark side
part silence, part "why"s that spark fires in my...
hot flashes, time stops, crashs, into fragments
of anger and anguish, realizing we don't understand shit about a damn thing on this planet
we just adlib, frantic, try our best not to panic, and when it's all over then we assess the damage
and it's nothing else than a classic reaction to rejection
a period spent acting as if we're not affected followed by a hollow kind of feeling like a bottle minus liquid
and mine was filled with spirits but now there's nothing in it
and what's the fucking difference, the world'll keep on spinning
(here we go) another scenario in this deadly merry-go-round to which we're indefinitely bound
we carry every petty doubt and memory around in this fleshy old crown from belly to burial ground
rendered in stereo sound, but can't we put some where they can never be found
cuz frankly they're getting me down
heavy and empty and running out of energy so gently but steadily the gauge on my left drifts from F to E
ecstacy, dependency, what a tangled, mangled web we weave.
Track Name: In The Dark (f. Chris Clarke, Ali Baba Abnormal)
Heads to the sky, semper fi, always simplify, Malky enterprise
powderskin, forty moons under paraffin
went madder than Malkovich, but I think I mastered it
too much coffee in my saccharin
zombies in the building lobby, they're after me
a flash of diamonds, the light's so blinding
four suits in sunglasses and moustaches kidnap me in the excitement
slicing throats with Tyson's boxing license
Vegas neon in the rearview, fuzzy dice swinging
Gladys Knight singing and I'm catching a slight feeling
spidersense tingling like Venom's round the next building
16 deep dishes aimed at Venus and all we're picking up is zeroes and ones and digital dust
thought we caught a Jesus frequency in '63
turned out to be four stranded astronauts breathing deeply on CB
we know about your little disappearing act a few Decembers back when the whole city went black
thought it could have been electricity till nine fingers popped up in somebody's Christmas tree, and you're rocking a lone pinky
hmmm kinda fishy... and with that he cuts the craps, fumbles in the dash, slides forward in his seat
and pulls out a long needle, syringe to my cerebral
I cringe and accept it as my face steels
he says "tell us what you know or you go down"
"I can't help it, it's genetics!" "You wanna take the long route?"
he leans in, needletip piercing my skin
I cursed God then a cold wind sends us in a spin
flipping seven times, blood and twisted Michelin
four crash victims, face all in the ignition
slipped into the night... guess the old man wasn't listening.

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