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released March 29, 2011

production by QUICKIE MART | ABCDEFG | GRAZZHOPPA | DIBIA$E | JON WAYNE | BEI RU | QZR | QWEST ONE and some other dudes.



all rights reserved



Malkovich Music Los Angeles, California


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Track Name: Serious
OK I’m done playing, yup
I feel like some fun this year, let's fuck the rap game up
yall was waiting for the sleeping giant to wake up
and shake all these metro ass rappers out their makeup
sorry I was late but I was handling biz
grown man shit, yeah you know how that is
I ain't sleeping at my mom’s house or on a broad’s couch
I’m at the compound with my lil homey Josh on the lookout
it's a new era, crooks is out
if cats know you a crook then you talking too loud
playing hard in graveyards, I hit the skip button
cats wasted enough time on that shit, cuzzin
yeah, ya boy clearly workin with somethin
but all half of you cats been doin is frontin
now my shit buzzin, now you wanna have a discussion
cuz the chicks wanna fuck him and the kids love him

Rappers this year can get the scissor
yall either rap for hipsters or rap for strippers
I rap for shivers, the shit that make your spine unwind
one line gotcha feeling like winter
west coast? had to be, we the epicenter
of all that fat funk shit, who's the inventor
boomin in your Caddy or your tricked-out Sentra
yeah, I fucked up your quiet moment and I meant ta
half of yalls wack and can't do no better
the other half of yall can and you should know better
it's ok, I got this now, no pressure
and pocket the cash like a store with no register
sent from above to howl on mics
cuz the shit yall pumpin don't sound quite right
so for real, might as well cop a cd
cuz for real, your only rap option is me

Taking me for the sensitive guy
hope none of this sensitive guy don't get in ya eye
confused? I gave yall a couple clues
I run with BLX and you know them fucking dudes
don't feel used, I'm all of that
contradictory? yeah I contain multitudes]
black holes, galaxies, all that's me
I'm an asshole, family man, black sheep
dropped Skeletons, got a lot off my mind
then I dropped Sicksteens just so I could rhyme
dropped Bankruptcy, was the sign of the times
now I'm dropping shit non-stop till I get signed
by Donald Trump, or never mind
Twitter slash Malkovich Music, hit the add sign
greetings from California, we don't take orders
and everything we do's enormous.
Track Name: Air Iran
s’been a long Time coming ain’t it
had to happen some time man
it’s all a circle, it’s way overdue
I’ma speak in your language
and if you still need it translated, rewind it back’s the best I can do

Flight from Iran, bags carry-on
customs just waves me through, carry on
rappers say they got the bomb, I am the bomb

yo Kanye, shoot some beats my way
been in the game a minute, it’s time I got paid
on behalf of my crew - boma-ye
the fight just started, that’s what I say
people in Cali still trippin on prop 8
and Israel still got that Gaza blockade
they just hit Turkey in a pre-dawn raid
and America’s on its way out like Pompeii
into all this steps first name Elvis
walking straight offa your island like Ellis
apellate courts upheld it so I’m bailing
like a criminal evading Principal Belding
I ain’t pushing pallets - I ain’t pushing pellets
I’m pushing everything I got to get legit
we ain’t kids - and we got brains, shit
gotta be a better way to play this
gotta be a better way to make chips
without ending up in jail or making your brain sick
two hells I don’t want no parts of
in a country in some bullshit I wasn’t a cause of
my American dream ain’t far off, I can taste it
cats died to get here, I won’t waste it
yall fucked our country up
so now we on a permanent vacation and don’t need no invitation

Flight from Iran, bags carry-on
customs just waves me through, carry on
rappers say they got the bomb, I am the bomb

and fuck yall for even asking for explanations
circular conversations, I lose patience
oil’s worth more than water, ask BP
worth more than blood, ask the ex-VP
more than anything, ask George W.B.
the shit is like WB, so cue the dancing frog
but the frog is dead, floating in the Gulf
so don’t play dumb, it’s a fucking insult
now what happen when everything we had is yours
we grab the oars, row boats, land on your shores
all good, it’s the rules of war
but yall hicks picked a hell of a time to get sore
now yall wanna hide behind law
can’t hide behind guns no more, that’s what the camera’s for
Youtube, a round of applause
for giving you crooked motherfuckers pause

Flight from Iran, bags carry-on
customs just waves me through, carry on
rappers say they got the bomb, I am the bomb.
Track Name: Big Easy Go
Welcome to use caution
I mean welcome to new Orleans, welcome to the cauldron
we stay cooking that up, its boiling
and theres oil in the water from here to Florida
my shirt damp and I'm off my third drank
got cups in both hands and a bottle in my pants
DJ Real on - so I do my dance
take yo ass next door if you wanna hear trance
Saints is champs
and reading all the street names man you would swear this was France
swore this was Atlantis when the floodwaters hit
we ain't ashamed we got outta there when we had the chance
those ain't No Limit tanks
that's the US Army and they about to pull rank
stay yo ass on this side of the West Bank
and that's thanks from these big ass shotguns, watch yo ass man

Katrina was a chick with a attitude
and the moment I met her I knew she was bad news
she threw my shit out the third floor cross the Third Ward
now I'm sleeping on a church floor - feeling dirt poor
fuck I work for, the city like a world war
but folk take enough now, they can take more
it's the blessing and the curse, see, living in the Dirty
the best day of your life or the last day, the line's blurry
Butler's was poppin till that kid got popped
like that dude on Voice's lawn, even Uptown hot
and Bam ran this town till he got knocked
but he beat death so beating the Feds ain't a long shot
13am Posse, we made men, Gotti
tell em again and again, just watch me

Somebody get Weezy on the phone
tell him the Easy is my second home so put me on
and when he comes to LA I’ma vouch for him
and if he need a place to stay I got a couch for him
got a studio if he feel like recording
gon have to put the mic a couple inches down for him
he about shoulder high, floodwater level
that line's everywhere you go in the N.O.
I'm bumping Aaron Neville and the Soul Rebels
driving with a daiquiri -yeah it's terrible
but that's the life out here and everybody know
you go hard till you gotta go then you go
let the brass band play all the way to the grave
this ain't a funeral, it's a parade
so let the wine flow free and don't cry for me
because I lived in the Easy.
Track Name: Ayatollah Presley
Ayatollah Presley, yeah that’s me
thought I told ya, where's ya memory
try to focus, let this be the last time I gotta tell ya ass in history
violas play on my entry
sold out the Hollywood Bowl, had to roll with Wembley
play me in the stadium, people wave and shout
flapping their extremities and yelling obscenities
Ayatollah Presley, highroller, Beverly Hills
steady deals keep my bills heverly
compliments to the chef, the meal was heavenly
a little too much dill but still real cherry
call me Your Majesty, the new king of rap
gave Eric B the presidency

Me and David Niven drinking Blue Ribbon
somewhere offa New Zealand, got a new shipment
that's that truth serum
a man starts talking when he gets a few in him
and that shit right there'll eat through denim
just back from Egypt, me and Hussein working on them new pyramids
bumping my joint sunrise to sunrise
the shit that cause loose ligaments and tooth filaments
the greatest? worn out, you gotta use synonyms
engaging, make the mundane seem amazing
BLX, break bread, we taking everything
Goodfellas plane heist, that's my favorite scene
be easy, this block is all Eighteens
riding slow, radio bumping "Maybellene"
Valley to the barrio, Cali to the Calliope
L.A. to Louisiana, yall cats know.

Someone tell Pharrell to put the sneakers down, the art pieces down
stop beating round the bush and go make me some beats now
tell the other dude to come too, you know, Hugo
heard he’s running the show far as tracks go
either way, fucking with yall's a great forum
plus I kill beats better than the dudes that paid for 'em
cats wanna pay me no mind, that's great for 'em
it's Malky, only so many ways to ignore him
I've seen this before man, you're a bit boring
every time I see this scene I'm fast-forwarding
peace to my home team, doing mad forwarding
just let me get on, dog, and we all win
Johnny Doe from Amsterdam, peace
Suzuki Kaioh, what up Torry, slide me them beats
A. Presley, smelling like D&G
and I grind so hard it's like there's fucking three of me.
Track Name: WTF
It’s the kickoff
now girl don't say no silly shit unless you like your dick soft
I hit the Shaw in a rickshaw
two chicks at the bit, strong jaws
I’m slovenly as a matter of policy
my style shows up in your piss test like poppyseed
the emperor, just back from Denver with Deborah
her daddy wrote my citizenship letter and he got cheddar
trendsetter, wailing on mics like Eddie Vedder
for yall cats who think yall can do any better
ten herbs outta ten hate what I make, I take that as a compliment
your voice got a lotta pomp in it but bottom line is, you incompetent
kick back, cop a drink, network, politic
play the rear, we gon take it from here
your boy got rhymes for years and they shine like De Beers
let's switch gears, kaleidoscope, tightrope, blindfold, mind control
my flow, hyper soul, fly in the biodome
Malkovich, Indiana Jones on microphones
swore on a bible that I wasn't George Michael
just a greasy middle easty mufuka with style
turn the dial for a while or a minute, spontanaeity my core tenet
just name it and I'm in it, like George Tenet and corn syrup
in your area like malaria or the Bay Area
I born lyrics and yall fortunate
so raw with it yall don't even wanna put a fork in it
fireside chats, driverside raps, makin it crack like cyanide caps, bite that
one of them "I'm dope like this and like that" raps.
DJ Empty and my girl Kat, work that
Fresh Jive, get live, Malky got a verse for that
shit is fly as a bluejay
so catch it Tuesday on Blu-Ray, it's Malkovich Movies.
Track Name: The Next Edition (3 Hippos) (f. Prince Po, Mawnstr)
My star’s rising, I’m in your hard drive
I’m in your thoughts like food and sex
I’m on the ball like insert your favorite player here, throw a no homo in
and watch me take it to the net, slow motioning
when California goes in the ocean I’ma be at Venice Beach lotioning
get my shoulders?
I’m in the Testarossa with Desdemona
Milan is the bomb, word to my leather loafers
you looking extra sober, smelling extra sofa
fighting over extra Stouffers, your shit is hella over
Mawnstr and Prince Po, it's on from the get go
outta nowhere, we're the rap RickRoll
the rap hippos, we run the jungle on the low
and you won't know till you're getting stomped a new asshole
my name's Malkovich, and you spell that
M-A-L-K-O-V-I'm the shit.
Track Name: Chuck Davis (f. Sum, Chris Clarke, Monk McNasty)
ay - the ceiling's bleeding
fuck this movie man, this scene keeps repeating. I'm out
hat and my coat, mashing the remote
slashing my throat for a half of some snort
Malkovich, dashing bloke, ask your folks
the right night, got quite a passion for smoke. Whatever
salt of the earth, heard he laid with a dame or two he barely even knew, but that's part of the perks
it's a dirty business, sure was a nerdy shindig
heard he wrecked it, and left with a curvy witness
she make a skirt hurt and he enjoyed it
cuz she fuck like she looking for employment. you go girl
it's your world, like to see my peeps striving
my man Ant went from crime to deep-sea diving
there's something alive in there, and I'm outta there
fuck it, I'm outta air. Whatever.
Track Name: Wild Wild West (f. P.U.D.G.E., Sum, E Reece, Neal Rames)
Most definite, we the most def
and it's a matter of time before you m*&$erf^&*ers get with it
don't worry bout the click, don't talk about the click
our name don't sound right coming out your lips
you say the shit clumsy
my name Malkovich, associate my name with big money
I like my kicks drummy, I like my chicks chunky
or slim and bumpy, perfect for the rumpy pumpy
elbow on the bar, the wood feel good
downing this beer like a f$%^ing cold meal
Beatnuts hooked the beat up
the kind of interlude you figured dudes would have rapped on but never catched on
here, catch the bomb, what happened to your arms
it's BLX, we're the storm before the calm
I perform a song, make you wanna call your mom
and tell her how you wasted your life, oh my god
you start crying, she knows the deal and starts lying
on the speakerphone, had the whole crew dying
Track Name: Slumdogs (f. P.U.D.G.E., Ali Baba Abnormal)
Malkovich, I'm bout this shit
out to get them won't fit in your motherfucking trouser chips
throw my mixtape in your whip and blow your speakers just to see how loud it get
you talking turn it down a bit, stop talking like a bitch
ten buck, buy my shit, gimme cash, gimme credit card
fuck it, wire it, fuck the environment
you talking bout trees, I'm talking bout me
so kick a panda in the knee and buy my fucking CD.

I get boisterous off poisonous beverages, ah yes
I’m banging the Pointer Sisters, I ain’t talking about their records
your only choice is us, me and my boys are plush
I bring the news like Reuters and my voice is a plus

De Niro in your earhole 'cause the world needs a hero
I’m virile, better she share a ten than deal with them zeroes
you make music for Euros, music for eight-year-olds
fucking with the bureau, they gon put you on a mural
west coast, west los, put this in your next post
internet rap mufukas is in their death throes
my tactic, flood the market with gutter hard shit
cold as the Arctic, long as my fucking heart tick.
Track Name: Malk & Green (f. Gotham Green)
Wanna marry me, better have that thousand G dowry
I show up to the altar with my shirt all flowery
my best man strapped with his nose all floury
better tell 'em bout me G
In the winter I'm a winner
in the summer I'm a stunner
fall and I'ma spring on your spot, governor
chasing chips is cold as London
yall fish for them chips, I'm going for lump sums
conundrums, best laid plans come undone
the wind blows in and death becomes them
my uncle washed my mouth out, I was used to crumbs
fresh kicks and guest list, guess it's juice to some
my work ethic's ethnic, keep the threads silky
bread filthy, all for the family
throw a few Gs overseas
I got some farmland in Turkey that keeps my mama's back furry
Malky, holla at me
bills get stacky and I get dollar-happy
Big Brother come knocking, watch me get all Iraqi
in the foreign account go all the Os
and the loose bills in my daughter's clothes
keep the door closed
through the ages my life been through various stages
now times are serious so it's about the papers.
Track Name: Jokes
motherfuckers want reality
I post a ten-minute clip of me taking a shit and get two million hits
these cats is in the papers, the talk of the neighbors
but at the restaurant they can't afford hummus vapors
starred in my first movie, got famous off the trailers
and onset, your girl's famous in the trailers
a little Jameson and young Amadeus'll off that
hypnotized by the coif-hat, it's a wrap
cats wanna pop a cap in somebody's ass
I pop a mushroom cap and pass out in the grass
the walls are breathing
spent most of the night tryna talk to trees, a fucking awesome evening
woke up peckish
now I'm two tables down from Steven Spielberg, enjoying expensive lettuce

I'm here to give rap back to the people, the game's been hijacked
you new school cats had your chance and you blew it
now the shit's so wack, motherfuckers listening to house music
fall back, this is facts
the writing's on the wall, and that elephant's about to bust through it
all you got is your hubris
pretty soon all you'll have is excuses when the audience deuces
I got a hot cup of piss for a purist
Gangstarr cover bands, bring out the nooses
people wanna hear some new shit
but you're a rapper, stupid
you tryna sing is like Ted Nugent playing flute
it ain't new and it ain't you, straight doo
now here comes Pepe LePew
beret and a colorful outfit, sounding like Kanye 3000
rave reviews from the lamest of news outlets
and the public just scratches its head dumbfounded
make a song I'll wanna hear in a year, I wouldn't care if you wear a brassiere
they call me severe, I call myself the man with the formula
rhymes that make you wanna start rhyming
beats that make you wanna beat a doorman up
so check the new news, I'm an original, I ain't nothing like you dudes
player in the offing, and your shit's gayer than two guys one chick and your sabers are crossing.
Track Name: Flossy (f. Omni, Sum, P.U.D.G.E., Felix)
The power's out, and I smell sauerkraut
why you so confused, bro? carry on usual
do something, you know, make yourself useful
cats blowing up my phone, stay off the Dudesicle.
the chick I brought home last night saw it in the light and said it looked like a huge missile.
this is the part where I should shout my girl out
it's just rapper talk baby, don't take it too literal
the lawyer of rap, and my hours all billable
the Beatles of rap, taking over like Liverpool
you left yourself open to ridicule
now we smacking yall with the towel like this was school
this is cool, somebody find a hipster
Grazzhoppa threw us the beat, quite a pitcher
big Malkovich, I paint quite a picture
like a penthouse suite with an island vista.
Track Name: Bullet (f. Killer Reese One, P.U.D.G.E., YelloBlac)
run with the ball like Gasol
respect the mane man, it's protocol
star of the summer, legend of the fall
LA half the year then I go AWOL
fuck they pay yall to rap like that
them drugs make your dick shrink, you better off with crack
I'm better off with Jack
I shoot vodka with Sergei Federov, swear it off then come right back
hair of the dog, fuck an icepack
for real, I don't even fuck with motherfuckers like that
I'm a man of stamina and my calendar's packed
my to-do list's one word, the shit say Plaques
my rhyme style is one word - facts
my competition is nothing but hacks, yeah it's a wrap
Track Name: Welcome Back (f. Gotham Green, Sum)
Had to get the big guns on this one
get Omni, get Sum and spit some
offishi-al official, bells and whistles
shells and missiles, bring hell to the disco
I crush all types, sport white-on-white Nikes
Malkovich, show you how to rock them Dickie shorts right
homey this is your life, and it's all right
you don't owe nobody nothing baby, live it how you like
this the summer of no mercy
this is my decade to get paid so bring on the controversy
it's nothing, cats know my shit's so disgusting that it ain't worth discussing, this is how I bring us in
one day they'll document our lives at the Getty
how we lived on spaghetti and blew unexpectedly.
Track Name: For Guru
Left foot right foot, kicking up dust
I'm alive, everything else is a plus
Malkovich, quite good
tell em something they don't know yo
low key - he's next up
that's on me, it's west up
uh-huh this a Primo beat yeah and what
since O.P.P., S N double o P, B O B, I been H I P H O P
I got clearance like Clarence at the front desk
I got experience, many lives compressed
these cats ain’t seen state lines
I seen international date lines boy, I make time
from Pico to Puerto Rico
I’m the storm chaser, I go where the heat go
it’s BLX, the sequel

New money new costs – old bills
found it cheaper somewhere else man, no deal
living life no frills
but every now and then I get real coupe de ville
now watch how fast a grand go
remember when fo digits was like finding gold
damn right I never made thug figures
cuz drug dealers turn spud peelers up the river
sound familiar?
I look out for my familia, if I don’t know ya I'ma bill ya
getting the hang of this Los Angeles thing
fat cars, great weather, nice eating, life is a weekend
but better stay cheesed out
cuz they killing bums up at Venice Beach now, shit’s getting deep now
verse two is through, catch you on the rebound

crash landing In the Grand Canyon, I’m the last man standing
I’m a winner, ya see me, I got that glimmer
raised on bidis and the Bee Gees
and Raekwon CDs in the Mitsubishi
house parties, bleeds and hashishi
Bacardi Breezers for the breezies
life is short when you living it
word to Gifted Universal Rhymes Unlimited
Track Name: Hot Women/Bad Rappers (f. Chris Clarke, Sum)
Hot women, I'm a friend to them
when they come by they got my attention
can't front like I'm not into them
I'm trying to work, please stop mentioning em
I ain't with the hollering and whistling
I just talk sense with em, do a little listening
Then it's a short walk to the crib
and figure how to drop some of this Dr Spock into them.
I can't win with em, there's no end to them
There's no break man, there's no interim
Then again, this is LA, we invented em
and that's the shit right there, who the fuck is Edison?
Back in the day I was one of the Minute-men
Ate em like M&Ms, stroke their hair and sing to them
Now I got stamina, I might injure them
Isn't my intention but I flip over them hot women.

Women are my gasoline
the only reason I keep my fuckin house clean
The only reason I'm wearing these corny ass jeans
The only reason I do damn near anything
I think about me and three chicks
Feel like Martin Luther King on some "I have a dream" shit
I ain't trying to make it a habit
but if I can't try the shit once then pass me a casket
That's one of them rapper perks
I ain't in this to battle you out of work rapper jerks
Do it for the love, right
Yeah I do this for the love alright
I do it for the love of bossy chicks with glossy lips
toe rings and nose rings and those is the only rings
Sorry I was late but I saw this girl, oohwee
My pants got dewy so I busted a U-ie.

Thinking we in back of you?
actually, we just about to lap you
feel that tap on your shoulder, that’s a rap soldier
we put the little hat on ya like it’s Passover, class over
in Cali that’s called smashola
I stay there while yall stay on that cola
that’s how you cats roll, skinny jeans itchy assholes you got next? where you at though?
fuck's new about you?
you chronic 2001 without the guns
you wannabe Mannie Fresh but your panties too wet, about to cum
pushy like you never had pussy, calm down some
and you underground cats, check your ultrasound
you’re stillborn, still running round yellin "Buck Em Down"
get this through your fucking crown, we ain’t you
that goes for you clown writers too
this ain’t Facebook so don’t tag me, it’s tacky
I rhyme over "Apache" live in downtown Karachi
box me in if you got a coffin to drop me in
otherwise fuck you guys, right on the chin.
Track Name: NOLA Redux (f. Voice)
this song will be recorded for quality assurance
in accordance with ordinance 1: move the audience
I run rap like Mr Norton, the warden
piss him off and it's problems
a portion of proceeds are going to the orphans
the rest to every liquor store in walking distance
like Hull's for instance
well it ain't walking distance, but same difference
I wrote this one on the porch in New Orleans
someone got shot on the lawn the same morning
people asking Is he alive? we ain't sure
but my boy swore he saw a paramedic straight yawning
day goes by, the street ain't even cordoned
kids is straight bored in the house, staying cautious
got me nervous in the front room, one boom's all it takes
gats like that go straight through the walls
in an hour the rain's pouring
like God's upstairs playing the organ
the blood in my veins coarsing
got me brainstorming on all this chaos
and it's exhausting, every thought trails off
and that's quite enough of that
another track, another shot of Jack
I zone out and now it's day four in this motherfucker
ok, one more I'm in
here's to you, cheers Nola Darling
Track Name: Wipeout
Malkovich in this bitch
on some James Brown shit, my shit gets The Big Playback
saw some freaks in the line, where they at
saw my peeps in the line, where they at
west LA’s on the map like a coffeestain
we got writers, what up Kofie
we got emcees, what up Omni
we got crew, BLX posse
then you got me, networking, the dress shirt king, I’m bossy
permanently cracking, how my spots be
my flyer is fire, hit ‘em with the glossy
New York, I’m running with Mazzi
scheming on that green like Ponzi
stealing on these paunchy-ass Chauncey mufukas, we see ya
we slicker, we leaner, you know the demeanor

And I’m one of a kind
producers, I’ll tell you when I’m done with my rhyme
youngsters, fashion is fine
but skills are still kind of a big deal, you’ll find
old cats, you’re only old in the mind
fresh off 30 and I’m in my prime
Ice-T didn’t drop OG till 29
now his watch so rocked up he can’t tell the time
read the signs or get reassigned
your flow is sleepytime and it’s only three to nine
yall cheese and wine cats, recline back
we in the house, squeeze a lime that, rewind that
malkovich music dot com, redesigned
so log ya ass on and prepare to be surprised
be advised, stepping to me and mines
you’ll be waiting so long you're gonna have to pee in line

310 prefix, we passing out leaflets
Cali gladiators, the word of the day is major
old school, rocked a pager till '02
straight drinker like who the fuck drinks O'Doul’s? Old dudes.
and what the fuck is soju? No clue, just pour me another one
act like you knew, I'm back like the flu
better get you some tissue
off trees and tabacky my frees is nasty
unforgettable like the theme from Taxi
incredible like the weed in Cali
so now chicks rush my shows like Santee Alley
three pair, ten dollar, Malky got that good shit
inshallah, hot shit, holla
Los Ankheles - from where your accent is
grown man griz – watch ya man get biz.
Track Name: The Gift
chincheck competition off a light buzz
call my buddy up and bloody up your parking lot like Fight Club
this the scene in them Hollywood movies where the dude saves the world gets the girl and the rubies
everything is epic, you ain't know? get a angle
me psh please I got a stranglehold
crosshairs locking in, money pocketing
this ain't for us, our kids hungry so we gotta win
life's one big day with a bunch of naps
building my empire smoothing out the cracks
so the whole shit don't collapse, fuck that
life ain't nothing but craps, fighting over scraps
and all just to have a spot to relax
kick up with fam and shoot the shit like what's the haps
yeah the world's a stage, this is act two
out the belly of the beast just to go back through

Serious like a suicide bomber
kissed my mama, bearhugs to the oldtimers
next time you see me I'ma be worthy of your honor
now I gotta go fight these piranhas
I live every day, no period, no commas
live like the day of judgment's upon us
I seen the light kid -and it was just like they described it
like somebody hit a switch, I fell back blinded
years on the grind, working the floor
with a voice in my head asking what's it all for
shooting down the road to ruin
where every success leads me closer to my own undoing
a man who serves himself don't deserve the wealth, his fortunes will reverse to nil
gotta reverse the spell, it'seither that or a quick burst of shells, now another hearse on the hill

Dress warm, watch your form
you in the forum, gladiators out, coldcalling
the guy next to you, I feel for him
swordsmen tore him up quick fast, noone told him we was warring
rain pouring but I stay scoring
half of that is fear, keeps me up nights yall stay snoring
love's foreign to a soldier, it ain't the culture, can't let it out or in
I just let the game choke me slowly, till I drop and go green, won't be no scream
late night chats with my mans, frantic
leaders, hustlers, stretched out, head in they hands
with tears in they eyes and don't know why
I'll tell you, you're a samurai till you die
or somebody gives you a reason to keep breathing
I found mine and I’m never leaving
Track Name: Burnt Bridges (f. Gotham Green, Sum)
so drop some green on that Gotham Green
on some bakery shit, getting those profiteroles, seen
Malkovich, tryna make cream like Kareem Jabar
finger roll in the hole from afar
make it profitable is the phrase these days
motherf**kers broke blogging? why even log in
you're scenery, a cog in someone else's machinery
might as well try and sell weed for free
cats know I play my part believably
no Richie Gatso cats rolling with me
just tryna get my bankroll up like Ice-T
and make a record like O.G., what up Evil E
from LA to JFK we proceed
while I got no seeds, I'ma get these proceeds
so learn how to spell my name
Malko with no C, spell it M-A-L-K

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