by Malkovich & P.U.D.G.E.

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released January 30, 2012

produced by P.U.D.G.E. [except "Flatfoots" by CHRIS CLARKE]
mastered by YAMIN SEMALI


all rights reserved



Malkovich Music Los Angeles, California


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Track Name: Lethal Weapons
(Punch the clock) Takin my vest off
Dozens out the oven is making my chest soft
I need to hit the precinct gym get swole, get a lift
...but im getting too old for this $h^t
Instead i head to evidence - raid the tree stash
then i change the paperwork from 5 to 3 bags
I chase perps all day - the least i deserve is some purps to blaze
corduroy slacks and a tweed blazer
not exactly the description of a weed taker
I got a psycho for a partner - a jerk for a captain
a few more years of this work & im snappin
old school, still rockin a revolver
not an old fool, but cockin is a problem
Arthritis is what im talkin
Im still high risk, you wanna approach? CAUTION
Find your Caprice at the next police auction
I AM the beast mentioned by Kris Parker
Black Cop - Bad Back - Swift Talker
Gat Hot - Back Back - Will spark ya
Get off... No bill for the lawyer
LAPD - Law and Pure Disorder
LA as the Beach and Dirty as the water
Riggs and Murtaugh crush beat like Mortar

Mullets and bullets
hood chicks, bullshit rappers and fuller clips
no night, Cali shit, living a full eclipse
Venice homeboys doing dips on the bricks
everyday beating, picking up yall slack
half these motherfuckers take their lemonade sweetened
sunset over the smog, I’m sweaty
got a view of the city like I’m live at the Getty
lemme add to your lung problems real quick
couple whiffs off the spliff now I can’t feel shit
nonchalant like one life, so flow with it
I don’t do rigid, I don’t do limits
but whatever I start I do finish
if I don’t, wasn’t meant to be, hell with it
opportunities, yeah I got a few of these
through any situation I move with ease
but sometimes you gotta turn the heat up
cats tryna eat up my food so I roll my sleeves up
chase your car down the freeway barefoot
catch you outside your lair and put one through your hair, yeah look
don’t play coy, playboy, I’m a spoiled child
I break toys and make noise - newsflash
you old cats is tired, you new cats is fired
lemme show you how to do that.
Track Name: Flatfoots (f. Ali Baba Abnormal, Chris Clarke, Sum)
This is how the movie starts
we off Alvarado with a bottle and the hoopty's parked
the sun's out and the doobie’s sparked
been a while since I used these Clarks
love coming through these parts
right by them converted hotels off Macarthur Park
immigrant chicks barely been here a year and they rocking that fluorescent downtown gear
go head, show skin baby, aw yeah
Southern California, summer all year
but better have your papers next time we meet, or you goin all up in that squad car, ya hear
hipsters in the Blue Oyster, yall queers
wrong left turn, failed your LA quiz
take ya dandy ass back to the Bay Bridge
this is Rampart, and the MSes got dibs

Me and Riggs got the call- shots fired in Echo park
since the day i was hired its been nuthin but Meadowlark
Trying to make that lemonade
I hear its a popular drink, that i never made
More of a tall can kinda guy
I like my drinks malt, and my siren high
Ima ardent supporter of Maggies & Randy
like the Sargeant Slaughter of baggies o' Candy (yayo)
We make this Job look easy
Law books? please - we off the hook like CB...
Radio - Maybe(NO!) if u ask for a freebie
Hair and beard peasy, but my palms all greasy (pay up)
(Not at all) like them chips on TV
Cruisin on the PCH, keeping $h!t PC? (hell nah)
Shopping mall to Juvie Hall - Believe me
LA - Large City. All Seedy.
Track Name: Sunset Dropouts
cats saw them palm trees and thought shit was easy
bet you thought you caught a freebie
heard LA folk got no hustle and you can take over, just gotta get your elbows greazy
now you at the beach all greazy, schmozin and posing like this was TV
somebody throws you some blow, and now you the one at the party snorting lines off CDs
or maybe you're an LA native, feel like you got a right to be famous
outta-town cats is the lamest, and they got friends in high places that wanna play favorites
and you're blameless, but onstage it's like Kurt said, here we are now, entertain us
let yourself go, now you the one outside the liquor store asking where the change is
always the drugs, always the same shit
let your guard down, took the bait and switch
that wasn't LA, that was Hollywood
and fuck your way up the ladder, you probably would if you could
Los Angeles, that's a different story
keep listening and we'll explain accordingly
everyone who came for the firework show
make sure LA doesn't eat you alive first yo.

It aint a game - but its a shame
when you dont gain the fame that you came to claim
you say "LA is lame" cause you came to play
and ended up singing heartbreak like Drake & Ye'
maybe Dana Dane
With Nightmares of the night in your day to day
Ole' Ole'
you let your problems pass - with a gang o' Hash
and a Yayo cake, but it aint ya birthday
Candles Blown out
you went the wrong route -
you took the worst way - now you got the hurt face?
Botox cant save you now
Nothin in a lil' box is gonna make you smile
but still you try - figure its a game
you gon get a prize - but you gotta pay
and thats not Ok- i thought you were a player?
looks like you got played - and you were a payer
just a customer...
plus a buster cuz, you thought were a hustler? (dumb)
dont get too comfortable, LA will buckle you
and turn you to the person people give their lunches to (bum)
riches to rags
buckets to jags
ALL needing chip-ins on gas
so dont judge the city by how the Lakers play
Word to Kobe's fade-away
Homie... it Aint a game.

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