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released January 1, 2013

mixed by @yaminallday and @quickiemart
mastered by @yaminallday

produced by


cover art by
special thanks to @yaminallday, @quickiemart, @voicey_uno, @sumkilla, Badtouch, Dorothy Bell and my grandfather Haroun Ahdoot.


all rights reserved



Malkovich Music Los Angeles, California


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Track Name: Storm Chaser
a parachute and a pair of shoes, we're goners
we gotta go? I'ma do the honors. where to start?
shit's a knifethrow, blindfold, shakey like I’m 80
crazy with the maybes but I'm done with cautious
once a wise old man told me only time told
now my time's a little closer to over, and I'm sold
the wisdom of the wizened
he said kid, you gon be the victim and the villain, that's living, it's a rhythm
just a blink in infinity then all is forgiven
an immense landscape of events
intense, random and happen in tandem
a little too on cue, like somebody planned em
meanwhile we all dash into the chasm
looming, unassuming, dragging our ass in
they say the game don't change, only the players
it don't change but it change us.. the storm chaser

Khomeini tried to pop me, Kadafi tried to off me
now they both RIP, all apologies
quake tried to break me, Katrina tried to put me in the lake
she's in the past, three cheers for the escapee
LA put a gun to my head, it touched me, Aldous Huxley in a brave new world
suddenly the luxury of peace of mind evaporated in front of me
peace left years before, the gun put it bluntly
like getting ran out your homeland, rushed me, got Salman Rushdied
to our adopted country, sole custody
break it, you buy it
like nine million black and latin middle eastern and koreans in LA, it's a riot
head to the curb and bite it, yeah that's all sport
eses shaving their heads in the handball court
drugs is their bloodline and oil is mine
we're just boats in the ocean, floating with the tide
left NY a week before the towers came down
Turkey just before them bombs blew, heard it was the same sound
the world's a crime scene, we're living in the evidence
blame that god of vengeance the reverends keep mentioning
human beings stay forgetting and it’s a blessing
all we gotta do is get through the next two seconds
running hard as time gnaws at our facades
the storm chaser, the pouring rain is my applause.
Track Name: Lies
the weight of the world weighing on my brain
in pain, I've been paying since my first name
what's the saying? life's a bitch, nah, it's what you make it, nah
it is what it is, that's my statement
put the world in a word? I would have to say patience
and we wonder why we call them patients
everything was a game and now all you got's the doc and this clock
I think the metaphor is heaven's door
knock and listen for some /kinda echo back but I heard it's just black
don't tell me that, tell me you saw paradise, clear blue skies
tell me you saw Christ, tell me lies
we got spies but the ones who know for sure switched sides
and reside somewhere out there, and left us all down here
we're living in dead folk’s dreams, in between
what they’ve seen is obscene, and its coming for us too
till then, may your glass always be half full

Its been easy livin and I ain't scared to die. now that's a lie.

never was carefree, G, never me
only social when my cup's full, liquor calms the beast
but it brings another one out, so I live between demons
look close at my face and you can see em like lesions
don't claim no allegiance to no prince or no regents
no religion or no regions, no rhyme or no reasons
that line in the sand's deceiving, it blows out with the seasons
so I change with the wind, we stay in agreeance
been waiting for these winds to ease up
but if I wait any longer I'm gonna freeze up, so ante up, we up
them variables'll bury you, you let em, so forget em
just pay no attention to the tension, not a mention
life's layers, none disappear
each new one push the old ones deeper till death gives you a breather
and I ain't eager to see St Peter
so tell his ass I'ma see ya when I see ya, not a second too soon neither

peace to Sam Cooke, all the soul singers
couldn't have seen all the trouble this life'd bring ya
laughed when kids sang their carols, staying straight and narrow
ain't know we'd pay for our curious nature
apples fall close to the tree, I see, swore my dad'd never be me
now here I am, an exile in myself, lock and key
but this cage here, I made it, it's some shit I created
and all I gotta do to break it is believe I'm free
that's the trick ain't it, the only one that matters
till I figure it out, fall back, cuz I got my own madness
in this world of blackadders and ladders, then lights out
why you acting like you know what happens? why doubt?
eight tenths of this don't make sense, but that's belief though
believe and it becomes real, that's all you need to know.
Track Name: Great Expectations
hand on the steering wheel, Caribbean style
drunk driving off a refill, what y'all tryna keep real
2012 new car smell, life's still ill
triumph of the steel will, time will reveal
on this ball with the rest of yall and can't call it
alcohol, trip and fall, call it an alcoholic
lil balls, lil brawls, always over wallets
bleed greed, stitch yourself back up and get on with it
song lyrics inspired by the Brooklyn Bridge
hundred of us on a train, out the window, just looking
it's a goddamn beast, what
all of it, we just leasing, and it stays a beast until our lease up
don't freeze up, I seen cats delirious, you taking this too serious
I'm talking bout me, yup
don't know where we're going, or why we came
maybe we're just daydreams in God's brain, man I'm saying
I just do me, duly, and hope it's noted
keep my motto - don't trip - and try to stay up off that broke shit
I'm Ron Paul, in it for the long haul, doctor on call
and for the encore, one last long score

at the deli on that pork belly, french roll
on the celly at the telly, one night paid, take my life to go
all he had's a doggie bag, gave up his pad
flew to a new town, walked from the airport, fuck a cab
white hairs falling out, walk it out
cold weather's whatevers I got leathers
stroll through the snow thoughts pushing levers
they tell us that pressures turn a rock precious
so I try to take my pain sober hoping it registers
meditation or medication, a shot of Jameson
a shot aint doin naything, what we chasing?
you ain't chasing, you running like you seen Jason
and running in place until you turn around and face him
the pace hastens, wondering where did I go
it's vitiligo, I'm somebody I don't recognize
profile of an old child
exhausted from screwing myself, I'm off it - fingers crossed of course.

I came to find my people, where y'all at
I came to thread the needle and sew shit up for real
I can feel success' breath on me
got me wired like a couple bags of meth on me, real SOB
every time she gets close she flips and leaves me left lonely
not this time, I'm acting right, I packed light
nothing to lose but time, the only currency that worries me
you hesitate a second late? might never get a second break
you take your chances
and this next dance is dedicated to all my shit that failed
hope my ship ain't sailed
and if it did, let me get on as a stowaway
this life is a poker game, you play your cards and you don’t complain
would if I could, but I don't know my lane
fate got plans for me but I got my own, y'all gon know my name.
Track Name: What I Know (f. Sum)
The world, chico, and everything in it
I wanna see it, change it, and change mine
my peoples, I'll see yall in a minute
if I wanna make moves I gotta make time
and if you love me you’ll take the bottle away from me
turn around and start walking away from me
'cuz I’m trying to be major league
and standing here shooting the shit ain’t making me
the top spot’s empty and I’m here for the vacancy
yall rappers is fucking up majorly
you know when a greasy haired bastard like me get a shot at it everything’s ass backwards
and wouldn’t have it any other way
and this couldn’t happen any day but today
so whaddayasay we turn it up a notch
burning hot, bourbon or scotch
forget what I said man I got this, watch

Time's precious
I move fast, break shit then say eff it and live through the wreckage
I spit that one two check it quick like melons get split
two-time felons bailing straight off the bricks
the feds got case and they making it stick
always them bigmouth pelicans with the skeletons
cops is elephants, ain’t forgetting shit
and they just caught you with ya pants down, taking yo shit
live and let live, how I finesse this
I got perspective cuz I'm perceptive
a motherfucker that loves what he does
so everything he does is a plus for us
so I’ma do what I do well, drop these jewels
hustle tooth and nail, ice skate through hell
just to change the game, look back when we're grey with canes and just laugh at how far we came

I'm bout to go for what I know.

I'm from a family of fighters, a dynasty of providers, my priorities gon land me in gotham city asylum
I'm morpheus on opiates crawlin across the ceilin
My catalogue an orphanage of prodigal children
I fought for what I got and pawned it when I needed dough
Money grow on trees ya know, dependin on the seeds you sow
each season mo greenbacks on my vine and such
Branches heavy, damn its ready, pluck it when its ripe enough
Fuckin with the midas touch vesuvius just might erupt and I can just light em up with that fire dust and tidy up
Desperado in nevada on a stallion named survival fuck machismo and bravado swallow pride like holy water
Used to be concerned with how folks who don't know me saw me
Then I got preoccupied with how they music faulty
But the muses called me, told me that was paltry
Sorceror's and parlor tricks don't mix and if they do its costly
You got work to do fool these kids aint got no legend
to be bigger than life for years you must go undetected
Watch the cycle of fame and entertainment unaffected
One day you'll be sicker than em all but you'll be uninfected....
We timeless just reminders to my homies Malky
The Milky Way to Omni and the homies all round me
Be who you are, be visionary in the face of peril
spirits age like Episcopalian whiskey barrels
hungry in my 20s, thirsty in my 30s
futuristic in my 40s with the shorties gunnin for me
When they get formula I'll be in mongolia travelin astrally with the alchemy of euphoria
Thankfully I'm a warrior obsessed with preparation
Over money, over fame and over reputation
Cuz what we got ahead is bigger than your fear of dying
So ask me once again why I'm rhymin...
Track Name: Palms
Palms, California, brought to ya by big bad Los Angeles
405 north or the 10 west'll get you there if you got a hour to spare
traffic stays backed up to the pier, you hear
clear shot down Venice, drag race
past Woodbine Park, where Snoop Dogg caught his murder case
where we hung in the day, bumping that purple tape
back when Milx used to live on Regent Place
BLX crew creates out the crates, six cats, a four -track, one take
yeah, we them cats that had that one tape you bumped four years straight with no fucking break
fools know the MO and can't hate
we do our own thing and that's about to be your thing, just wait

Palms, California, brought to ya by big bad Los Angeles
throw up ya handkerchiefs, I'm worldwide, grab your atlases
but when you wanna come see me you know where the palace is
and I'm the landlord here, fuck the managers
need somewhere to crash or live? get at us
we been running every unit since this spot was run by old school Crips with shot glasses and yak in their tool kits
my folks is in the walls like the roaches
every apt a party, buenos noches
lifestyles of the almost homeless
word to Jesse in the parking lot sleeping in a Focus
run the shit like The Carter slash Godfather
with palm trees larger than Jakarta's
might look like a vacation, but everyone's job one is maintaining, I ain't playing. Palms

you heard? some dude dropped dead in front of the market
my sister's truck got boosted front of the apartment
the new building owners trying to start shit
just got back from the fucking housing department
had to bail a neighbor out, didn't want to but I did
had her handcuffed in front of her kids
Mrs Brown stays in dialysis, woe is me
her grandson with the all-blue truck got bucked off Normandie
few folks walking outta Saints getting shot
and the SWAT team just dropped on Mexican block
some cat tried to jack Radio Shack
cops caught him by the donut shop, he pulled gat, fade to black
RIP Monica Beresford, strangled by her husband, everyone on Venice heard
the people downstairs just got a bad call
I heard screaming, and now half of Pakistan's down there
and there ain't no fuckin money out here
every store window says for sale, Cali's on the rails
making rent is hell
and in the end half the homeys had to move, yeah, I'm saving ya mail don't know how long I'll stay around
fingers crossed my lady takes me back and we can move outta town
everybody here's on their way somewhere else
but here's where some of us found ourselves.. Palms
Track Name: Cali
we working this Cali, moving through the valley
the homeys got hungry, hit the drive-thru Rallys
the sun beats down on a one street town
I know a chick who lives about one street down
we on the porch sat in dirty chairs, birdies chirp, smoke's in the air
them hills burn up every year
flashbacks of driving by the Getty with ash raining down like confetti
the freeway unfolding like a scene outta Ronin
and I'm just zoning, hours fly by
the moment that I get where I'm going i'm over it
the journey not the destination, that's my high
if you want a nice drive, skip the 5
take the 101 to the PCH and just slide
the road's hard to follow but that's life
you don't mind getting lost, right?

this ain't no LA, no Bay, no Diego
Winnebago country, yayo in the humvee
city cats getting rich off rubes
now Fontana gone gangsta, check your evening news
Palmdale's still a hard sell, hot as hell
sand and concrete and no one can hear you yell
but for six bills a month you can live like a king
amongst strippers, meth labs and witness protection
check them ol Westerns, cowboys, thieves
all the crooks fleed the east for the side the sun sets in
folks with the two-car garages and office
grandfathers was bank robbers and mobsters
we got modern-day sharecroppers for the marijuanas
kinky-haired rastas selling shit to scared doctors
but coppers don't care, they just want their share off us
we coming back in August, them Cali sagas

when you can't go back home
when you make a mess and you can't make amends, that's a no
when everything reminds you of some pain
and you wish every day could be mundane as a Monday
when you wake up one morning and you don't feel so cool
and you wish you could go somewhere that nobody knows you
throw your faults in a vault, double-lock bolt, kiss your necklace
and hit the endless stretches of Cali for a new residence
not too far south
them Mexicans got it bad as Baghdad just to sell you a bag of that
flowing through the borders, they're porous
Juarez where the war is, the poorest, ain't too many tourists
we in the boonies where they test missiles
nights we lay back and just listen to the phone lines sizzle
safe out the way where the world'll let me be
where it's just me and my memories.. Cali
Track Name: Through The Trees (f. Ali Abnormal, Blvme, Sum, Chris Clarke)
my muscles tense up when my sixth sense signal
solid rock, travel like a ripple
conqueror, make the difficult simple, you talk shit, we solve riddle
in the middle of the night I meditate on when to take arms, remain calm
when I peep danger in the deep sleep chamber
shape changer, brain-dead mic strangler
some fall vic, can't handle it, start panhandling, 6th and Los Angeles
hot damn, here we go again pop, pen drop
put your daughter in a headlock
booming and ya booming in your speakers
sneaky nightcreeper with the black Nike sneaker
open left palm over closed right fist, night shit
heavy eyelid ninja life shit
pain's just paint on the pallet, I refrain from putting taint in my talent
too many questions be answering while Mr President busy gerrymandering
one sick bone to pick, motherfuckers cold flip on the ownership
I'm like a crocodile hunter when them gators snap
and don't associate with no snakes and rats

$20 shorts, quart of Johnny in my cell pocket
things get boring, I cop a swig and keep rocking
hovercraft style, Astro, in flash mode, Van Gogh with the bango
Durango to Vine to Gramercy, lemme see them hands go
I don't bang yo, as the gun trains on me, toe to head to toe, real slowly
this is K-Town, you up on our playground
minutes later, shots, everybody lay down
single mom washing her kids on the fifth floor
what you tripping for? man, sixth floor, sixth door
saw her at the corner store, my type
eyes like she wanna share a High Life
and if her mind right, Hawaii for Mai Tais, I'm going high rise
lights fly in the night sky, a breeze hits the leaves
the crowd was pleased and breathed, relieved
ten minutes from the finish and gathering speed
me driving, B passenger, rolling a bleed

these haters falling in the snakepit, my weapons are all makeshift
I'm coming for the pretty boys who need a facelift
the most dangerous trio, we need no introduction
we just walk in busting
like the big guy, I'm in your wife's fish pie
oh, did I offend? well wsup then?
used to dream about pushing a deluxe Benz
fuck friends, you either fam or associates
life's too short, I'm gonna make the most of it
till it's over with, bring out the Dobermans
on the heist I'm like Daniel Ocean
empty out the whole vault and now we're coasting
the b-girls, front seat giving blue brains
that's how we do things, had to get a new name
they call me ice truck, cuz I truck ice
and shake it down like I brung my good luck dice
I'm metaphysical, I touch all chakras
I paint the town, just me and the Doctor
you know the G code, it go lock and load
and lick a shot bright enough to light the cosmos

Four in the morning, sore from performing a 44 move tiger form
George Foreman eyes when he hit his prime, check my spine in the bathroom mirror
Insomnia's my mistress, I hear her so long as the lone wolf inside me promotes it's agenda
the hunger pangs continue
i have no addendum but end em send em away by the end of the day
end of the referendum
so looks like another night to train in the apartment
assaulted by album titles and song concepts
siftin through verses between sets of pushups and stretches
restless as a fetish embedded
impeccable discipline not on planet earth
absent minded author rhyming harder
blinded by the possibilities and et cetera
still writing bars in the morning while you gettin up

beloved Crag and Ab and then add Sum and Swish
and convert that three-piece to a four-fifth
I'm nice with it, first time I knew it
almost ain't get on the shit, but James said do it so.. u know
I be floating by with a potent eye, quoting myself and my brothers
but vital information, it ain't for others, you know then keep it low, under them covers
from jackrabbit slim cats, they nosey
money thinks he knows me, thinks my life's rosy
just cuz a nigga always posted where the hoes be
word, I hit the spot, I'm Max Julian, she chose me
a little bit of glitter, bag something then I bounce with her
remember when I used to sound bitter
I was fucked up, I used to murder your couch
and bring mad bad energy inside of your house
I used to hate that, but there was little that I could do
it was what I was going through. but that was then though
nowadays yo we killing that feeling
still stressed out, but we good, brother, we chillin.
Track Name: Cry America (f. Omni)
to my second home, hold tight while I find my first
LA, no love lost, people don't know your worth
but you can't take a second for granted on this earth
hope the Big One don't hit and interrupt this verse
my mind's eye hover like a chopper past your high rise
over concrete streets and drivebys
night skies illuminated by the lights of the fives
fuck your Blade Runner sci-fi, this is larger than life-size
a few hundred square miles, the city's a grid
it's alive, electric, and everyone's affected
shit took its grip on us since we was kids
and manifested in a bunch of dumb shit we did
wasn't nothing new, the usual, kids wanna be cool
except being cool means putting people on the news
live from Hollywood, with the world taking cues
now what you expect a bunch of insecure kids to do?

lotta jailed killers, lotta good cats no longer with us
lotta dudes did dirt now, it's just them and their mirrors
villains with feelings, hoping remorse runs its course
but of course it's a life sentence, grasping for penance
motherfuckers found God, or they married some broad
or wasting away in the yard, regardless it's hard
no matter what your cards, this is it, just you and the view
tell me what you see, I'll tell you about you
I'll be back, believe that, where else I'ma go?
man, I'm homeless -so America's where I'm at home
Track Name: The Meaning Of Eyes
she got that smile again, and I’m going in
got the girl laughing, you got jokes
on the cell but I ain’t texting, I jot notes
so one day you may end up in a song I wrote
a lot of joking leaves a lot unspoken
but the shit ain't broke and we ain't trying to fix it
Bacardi'd up, looking for something to mix with
ice, coke, coffee cups, party in the kitchen
my favorite, put the shit down I'll pay for it, fuck it if I can't pay the rent that's irrelevant tonight
how many folks alive yesterday are dead tonight?
here's what we gonna do, let the overdraft float the cash
play some Pendergrass, peep some photographs, have a smoke, a laugh
you bring the sugar, I'll bring the spice
and everything beyond that's just icing

I got somebody, and I bet you got someone probably
a hottie like you? gotta be
and we both know policy, and who needs that kinda drama or karma
I'm trying to live honorably, then sometimes I hit the bar and G
bump some r&b, and ask myself what the harm'd be
one person for you ain't true
you could love all kinds and wear yourself out looking
I got a good thing, she need love, you need love, I need love
so why make three mistakes in one
musical chairs, nobody wanna be the odd one out
and nobody said the shit was fair
love is a dare and everybody's aware
I'ma try to play this shit square - just be prepared

black boots and a rollie bag
low-key, yeah, she know she bad. we at the airport
waiting on my ride, she waiting on her ride
but for now, me and her sharing this sidewalk
eyes talking, fireworks, Guy Fawkes shit
and there I am, me and my thoughts
sexy lady, me and you'd have pretty babies, wavy hair, maybe, yeah
we'd sail the world with a butler name Pierre, and live life laissez-faire
and you'd still be fly when you eighty years
then in my head I see my girl smiling
she got that look in her eyes and sun's on the horizon
homegirl's man pulls up, grilling me
and as they ride off, she winks at me. yeah
take that energy and give it to your squeeze
cuz that's what I'ma do, believe.
Track Name: Lions In Winter (f. Core Rhythm, Sum)
once upon a time in a yellow field of dreams i was smellin pine
lavender apples and dandelions with my valentine
watermelon rinds lemon peels lemon vines
we was feelin fine
built a lil kingdom with a line, compelling rhymes
we was all alone on the edge of the divine
wondering what happened to the time....

got five minutes to finish this shit before I get clipped
one minute to take this shot before my heart stop
head cracked, splayed out all over the bar top
got one day to make my move before I lose
yeah, we was wild dudes, fuck rules but they catch up with you
cuz things never were that simple
got one chance to get over before it's all over, close but no cigar
so cremate me tastefully, smoke a spliff and throw me off the Dover cliffs
got a year to figure out my life before they hit the lights
feeling like this might be where I get it right, living in spite
now how to outrun the gun-paow, somehow, one blaow, I'm done now.

sawdust on the counter, goggles on my face
my carpentry is so exact but i aint won no race
and still i built a house while wrenchin nuts and bolts in place
in the lighting thunderbolts and rain i came of age
and fed my family in a famine so faithfully
my watershed consequently my favorite place to be
it aint a race to me, there is no time involved
in fact when doin timeless things it aint no time at all
we used to wax poetic after hoopin basketball
hurt my wrist then nurse it with a spliff, laugh it off
as if all injuries disappear eventually
and everything you dream is meant to be
it aint
that's when young lion cubs grow a nappy mane
and only focus on catchin prey in they happy lane
it aint a parable, fable legend or myth
the reason i exist is to spit, this is it...
Track Name: Get Away f. (Gotham Green)
you know I've been running for too fucking long
I'm looking at em like damn, can't we all get along?
bleeding on the song, see the plane that I'm on
you looking at right now, I'm trying to see beyond

somewhere the sun never sets
5pm, happy hour, the day stays as good as it gets
on some islands, drinking whisky from the highlands
I sit quiet and she understands my silence

I wouldn't like to, I'd motherfucking love to
but what I'm gonna do? this music shit is like a drug who
keep pulling me back, it's pulling me in
and every time I think I'm over it it's pulling again

from a feeling you can't pin down
had it and lost it, it swims around in you, wishing it would drown
nature of a player, peel away the layers
nothing there at all, a kid curled in a ball, took a fall

from my own dumb ass, no surprise
how I fuck it up this time? no one asks, now come
making changes? I done about none
swearing I can outrun the outcome, I doubt that some
that one thing you can't come back from
it's part of you, it's a birthmark
dirt got a surcharge and the learning curve's sharp
you can work hard and still catch an early hearse dog
that's your god, I'm rolling with my first thought

what if I disappear? what they gonna think then?
they gonna be like Yo, he couldn't handle the ink pen
it ain't that, I can take the music stresses
I'm sick of motherfuckin hoes, do you get the message?

people here then they disappear
everywhere then they're gone, guess it's how we're geared, it's weird
just love in theory, if you don't wanna be near me
fuck keepin in touch, a clean cut, yeah I'm weary

I got one more then I gotta go
it's a simple way of life, money over a hoe
I would like to get away if I could but I can't though
that's why I'm right here in my motherfucking stance yo

bout to go Van Gogh, something gotta give
no getting away, it's me I got the problem with
can't look at me the same and all I feel is shame
so I'm going somewhere where nobody know my damn name.
Track Name: Bedbugs
barely sleeping, nightmares every evening
I'm half awake for em so every time I die I feel it
something biting at me, everybody can see it
it's in the details, the nails, I'm pale, frail
sister walks in opening windows, air's stale as hell
ok now for real though, what's the deal?
no pillow, mattress or blankets, floorboards tattered, you look haggard
every time we see you, you're fucking plastered, mom's had it
it happens, all these people in and out
now you stuck with all this baggage, them fuckers love that shit
no magic tricks, just throw it all in the trash quick
nothing you can salvage, this one you can't fix
that or they're here to stay
so I get some gloves, sleeves up and throw the last ten years away
had to trash my aunt's best rug
I need a drink and a shrink, prognosis: bedbugs

now check the new dude in your town out of the blue
no crew, no boo, it's too good to be true
no straight talk, he's all loopholes and you know something ain't quite two and two, something in his mood, yo
I know that too, so tell me what I'm supposed to do, though
yeah, I'm still fucked up, and that shit is contagious
and hanging with me probably won't do you no favors
and I try to stay away, was a stranger to my neighbors
but time moves slowly, a man gets lonely
we're all dirty, ain't only me, so why worry?
can't lay down with dogs and blame me for my fleas
catch mine or someone else's, choose your disease
got cured? I'm not sure, but she lays with me
her sleepless nights start like clockwork and she got hurt
it's not a shocker as she moves to the next one
it don't take a doctor, I'll tell ya: that's bedbugs

always gave folks the benefit, everyone's innocent
they say doing the same thing over and over expecting things to change is the definition of ignorant
that's bullshit -because every day's different
we all got issues, then one day it's you
everything you do you take all that shit with you
dealing with your problems, it's a process
think you got no skeletons cuz you trashed the closet?
four months in your town then up and bounced
critters showed up in the house unannounced, and I’m out
stop tango and untangle
pack my shit and go, it's easier to handle, my angle
live it long enough and it sticks
another of them alcoholics, believe me I'm taking my licks
shit hit me like a text from my ex-love.. bedbugs
Track Name: Waiting For You (f. Micah McKee)
Walking around town - your town is my town
I know your streets better than you, I'll put money down
came to your city just to meet you
name your time, when you free? I'ma breeze through
cats like, you ain't got nowhere to be dude? nah, to be true
the crib got left, the silence was driving me deaf
besides I feel more at home in the ride
it's like you're sitting still but you're still moving, keeps me pacified
but folks broke my stride, got me waiting on naythin
I hate a flaker and it ain't about the paper, I can pay for that
yeah I need money but I could use the company
I take it back, I'm getting comfy alone, it's where I'm at
I walk one way, stop, walk another, stop
just standing on a block, two steps as far as I got
nowhere I wanna be, nobody I wanna see
waiting for somebody and I think that someone is me

Waiting for a sign, taking my time
drink the vodka with the lime, time outta mind
you think I'm a beast? wait till you see me sober
I can't sleep, I can't eat, scheme till I keel over
resigned to the grind, I'm tryna go with the flow
and it's a fine line I'm tryin to toe, all I know is go
sitting in the park's like sitting in the dark, can't see the trees or feel the breeze
my eyes closed's what I'm told by everybody I roll with, no shit
chasing some tail, I'm chasing my tail, the same old shit
just waiting for it to stick, waiting for things to click
I know I'm just supposed to enjoy it, it still ain't hit
one day this world will put me to use
till then I walk holes in my shoes and just try not to lose
funny how a world of options shrinks to just two
stay chasing after everything or wait for you

I stick my head in bars two seconds, just checking for any pretty face
testing my luck, don't want a drink
I sip a 7-up, we chat, imagining what could happen
both knowing how these things tend to end up
but maybe she's the one, I'm thinking, each time she speaks
the missing jigsaw piece to make shit all peace
wanted her so bad it's funny now, being me now
the fantasies of a little child gettin me riled
then I said gimme success and I'll give up the rest
can't be greedy with dreams, a man gets one at best
but I know cats who made it and were left unimpressed
meantime some pressing issues had to get jumped, express, to the front of the line
so peace to family and friends, I'm fine, I'll handle it. me myself and I
Track Name: Sundays
sundays, taking trains, one-way, buck and change
nowhere in particular, just wishing for some rain
doze off, miss my stop, jump out, walkabout
homey stays down the street, see what he talkin bout
caught him walkin out, headed downtown, walked a couple blocks
then he hits me with the pound, see ya round, got lucky
I fuck with him, but I don't wanna be stuck with him
ten minutes at the bar, I had enough of him, it's three thirty
martini dirty, the day after, we was drinking hella early
the day already burry, where were we
ol girlie came from Jersey, we cruising the streets
shooting the breeze, knees touching on a subway squeeze
we on a journey, I guess you could say
I don't know where, I don't care, not today
that's ok, waste the day away, it's a Sunday

we use ten percent of our brains and eight percent of our hearts
time's infinite as the earth, moon, the stars
here for mere years, we'll only see the tiniest parts
and then our spark's blown out (blown out)
and that's what I'm thinkin bout when I'm zoning out
Staten Ferry hanging off the side, thinkin how all the lovers died
all that soul and still fucked up inside
Whitney ain't make fifty, the shit hit me
that's what I'm thinkin when you look at me wondering where is he
guess we must believe in an afterlife or we'd be more busy
I go high, get dizzy, and fall back
in ascension I lose momentum, now what you call that
self-sabotage, got something against success
guess I prefer camouflage
like if I drop my guard it all might fly apart, so I pick the wild card
guess I like life hard, the kind of story that'll make you say my God
sleeping on myself
just wasting my life away, like a Sunday

this is what happens while you're making plans
but imagine if everything went the way you planned
would be a weird world, that shit don't make a man
a being with limitless means
a screen in our heads that plays scenes from our dreams
and what surrounds is what them dreams look like on the ground
cuz if it was meant to be it'd be here by now
I hope I'm wrong, world, c'mon, don't let me down
a lot of mine ain't turn out how I expected
not in control, don't know what I expected
not in control, I just gotta accept it
but ain’t figured that out yet, that's some next shit
a day of surprises.. what a Sunday.

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