The Reset (prod. Computer Jay, f. Sherli)

from by Malkovich Music

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the anomaly, the prime nominee
Iranian Muhammad Ali in your coliseum
ancient Rome your Superdome, bloodbath
a puff of smoke, puff puff pass, all they saw was a mustache
at the convention, flexing my new invention
Malkovich saved the world, haha.. don't mention
you don't wanna know what I'm benching, it's depressing
so keep your eyes on your paper cuz times are testing

peace to my peeps in the streets of the whole middle east
hope you get a little peace now
shit'll cease when we get a hold of ourselves
man's a animal and we gotta keep the beast down
Crips and Bloods and Christians and Muslims
mothers, brothers, sisters, and cousins
it's the future, let's get on some Jetsons shit
money, prosperity and everybody getting it
congratulations to Southern Sudan
now your lives are in your own hands
Japan, this too shall pass, handling it with class
if that was Los Angeles that'd be our ass
I start a school in the Caribbean with a few billion
so a few brilliant minds won't have to scrub kitchens
billions become a few bazillions, me in Rio with a few Brazilians
barely legal in a pair of Speedos, killin em.

rest of the world knocking and you can't stop it
how long you gon keep it all in your own pocket
there there, gotta share, selfish, you just scared
no more gimme gimme, that was last year
we way past fear like troops on the border in Kashmir
you want fair, you ain't got cab fare
fuck outta here, don't matter where you're from
everybody walk to their own beat, only matter how you hear the drum
everybody wanna know the secret, yo leak it
print it up, put it on a t-shirt.. nope, this one's on me, kid
game is to be sold not to be told but now it's free
shit, yeah, we hit the reset
everybody looking for the money it ain't turning up
maybe the hole in the ozone layer burnt it up
maybe they took our credit limit and turned it up
or the bankers came and took their eighty percent cut
like damn, can I even get a piece of mine?
someone gimme a sign, lord would you be so kind?
can I get success? can I get some peace of mind
that me walking out this door won't be the last time?
can I get love? or at least a little satisfaction
then you give somebody some and somebody give you back some.


from PRE​-​BOARDING | mixed by DJ Spinna, released October 23, 2014
produced by Computer Jay



all rights reserved


Malkovich Music Los Angeles, California


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