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it's a child's bedsheets. it's more diaper-changing, less sleep
it's giving up this week, next week
giving up your whole year then repeat
it's how to keep from killing that fucking parakeet
all it does is shriek and now you need therapy
it's doing it for you, the hell with me. it's doing it for the L O V E
it's January 2009, D.C., a crowd in a line, waiting patiently
behind a gate from five to eight in minus eight
thin-ass jacket on but I was straight
it's my steak on your plate. it's a slice of cake at a wake
it's the price of hate, and hate’s its own price
so you lost twice, we call that the breaks
fuck this. mufukas don't even know what love is... it's a rumor
everyone saying the songs and playing along
but they’re just words, they don’t make em that strong
but fuck a meaning, it’s a feeling, and feelings are what we deal in
but love got about a million
enough to write a thousand books, just ask William
this ain’t a Shakespeare play dear
on my eighth beer, I fear I may veer
and if I go there, don't mean I don't care
just means I'm tryna live this life before I'm outta here
maybe stick to beer two, objects appear more clear in the rear view
but I want my cake and eat it too, yeah I do
I want it all. why wouldn't you?
fantasies become disease, and real soulmates dont grow on trees
so I'ma have me some fun, and find me the one
then I'm done. peace of mind, that'd get me some
flew too close to the sun, hit the ground, and all I know is to run
women with tears in their eyes, love in their hearts
I kept us apart, to lie in the dark for someone who may never come
or maybe she done come and gone and I was too dumb
married to the future, lost in minutiae
pretty lights, the city life'll lose ya
please let me not fuck this up, for real
please let me not fuck this up, she's real
she got heart and smarts and soul and style
and jokes for miles and tits and ass and lips and sass
and she goes hard, full steam
and she wants to make my dreams more than just dreams

love is a friend, forget all of this.. it's a friend, that's all it is
after all the meddling, backpedalling
when everything is crushed, leveled and the dust's settling
love is a friend. I repeat
when all you can do is cry for help cuz you can't recognize yourself
somebody to remind you that you're not by yourself


from PRE​-​BOARDING | mixed by DJ Spinna, released October 23, 2014



all rights reserved


Malkovich Music Los Angeles, California


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