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midnight and this Greyhound's about to break down
it's making that shaking sound
runaways and scared flyers.. one kid sleeping with a pair of pliers
high noon off the Belize Keys, sweating in a packed taxiboat
getting crunched, I hope fatty float
cuz if the shit flip I’ma grab his throat
morning, I slide through customs easy
white last name make my life easy
looking at me weird cuz I don’t have the beard in the photo
so what? gotta go.. no back room for me
my uncle fell asleep in there once and woke up in Turkey
he’s a good guy but the return visa still took five.. I could cry
dawn and the sun’s creeping.. all I hear’s the train squeaking
then like a beacon the town unfolded, homes, cars and streets
postcard treatment
had me geeking so hard this old broad had to nudge me
now I’m in your country, sun on my neck
bag around my neck but I’m punchy, streets are chunky
music playing, peeps is bumpy, girls chonies is lumpy
the song got my ears ringing
then suddenly everybody in the crowd starts singing

and it was nothing I understood but it was all good.. again
and it was like a light went off in my head and everything I saw said..
and we clapped our hands sore and danced our feet raw
and I told myself I never wanted anything more
and then the band said


from PRE​-​BOARDING | mixed by DJ Spinna, released October 23, 2014



all rights reserved


Malkovich Music Los Angeles, California


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