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stray dogs, and every one of 'em, we feel like they're ours
this is home
chase cars, break hard, car crash, bomb blast.. thank god
another day watching time pass in a land that time passed
one strap slippers and dirty rivers
and everywhere we go you know we got our whole family with us
quakes kill half the city.. electricity till three
kids make baseballs and throw rocks
twelve hours in a sweatshop gets hot
no work, all we do is make babies
nothing but pretty ladies, can you blame me?
been gone a long time.. but in my heart that's home for all time

burning hot car seats
wear shorts, burn a leg on, hot sidewalks, fry an egg on
cars is European, and leaking
or Subarus with the hood superglued, creaking
they're traffic jammed up, and beeping
and they might be stuck in that shit all weekend
drive down our street, we all peeping
but just cuz we curious, no reason
nah we ain’t scheming, most of us decent
but you always got them certain cats beasting
peace in the field’s an achievement
but as long as people ain’t eating it’s got no meaning
it’s a sequence.. the names change
the timeframe'll change but the shit keep repeating
been gone a long time, but in my heart that's home for all time

no shoes, hard soles, black feet, no dentist, bad teeth
but in a race they'll lay you out like a man asleep
no gym, no trainer, natural athletes
soccer game in every backstreet
and them boys don't even stop for rain
kids play like soccer's all they got, a shame
it ain't true but if they think so, it's all the same
cops'll lock you up, stock and chain, for not a damn thing
and people will not complain
and you're lucky if you're getting out
and don't ask my cousin what them marks on her back are about
just brainwashed sick and ain't got shit
it's the same old shtick, they just act it out
been gone a long time, but in my heart that's home for all time
get me outta here.


from PRE​-​BOARDING | mixed by DJ Spinna, released October 23, 2014



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Malkovich Music Los Angeles, California


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