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took a wrong turn off the freeway... had nowhere to go anyway
engine smoking and the radio's broken
and my driver window and this Heinie bottle won't open
American made, not a damn thing works but who gives a shit, you look great, it's the American way
no gas from here to Pelican Bay
Escaped Convict signs on the freeway, look, they're getting away, run!
fools won't last day one
desert'll fry yall to steak, pass the A-1
all they saw was sand, ran to the edge of the sky and just saw more sand
and then Jesus, two more believers
must be your plan, like every windfall and bad scam on my course landed me on this scenic overlook
with this small van and this tall can and all these grand ideas that's just sand through my hands

I'd be you gladly, I get so bored of being me
it ain't personal, I'd go crazy being anybody
all this waking up, straining to make a buck
making love, making mistakes and breaking up
till fate says enough and clocks me out
now you got me loud, don't worry, this next shot'll knock me out
and you won't hear my mouth for like an hour at least
get some driving done and maybe I'll get lucky and dream
all I seen, walls the color of cream, plasma screens that's all static
everything smelled like gasoline, and woke up going what the fuck does it mean?
under a tree with dogs licking me and kids kicking me and the engine picked now to spring a leak
ran out of chippers, yeah, figures
and oh yeah, LA had its earthquake, the big dipper, it's history
now your dreams are realer than your memories
you got a clean slate, a new life, works for me

if we don't move we die, and we only move when we're missing something
so maybe mistakes keep us alive
and half of mine are the smartest things I ever did
so the only real mistake is not doing shit, so everything's cool
so why do I feel like that ain't true?
too little, too late, 2am chasing a drink
but this is Cali, you assed out, your team's passed out
in this hick-ass town and shoulda been put the fucking glass down
why you hanging round? lay your ass down
but I ain't tired, I'm wired like I'm nine and don't wanna miss a thing
like I'm driving ten miles with my turn light blinking
like I'm high and can't stop thinking, I ain't got a inkling
I don't know shit, wanna walk? walk quick
I'm contagious, lemme get close, I'm gon stick


from PRE​-​BOARDING | mixed by DJ Spinna, released October 23, 2014



all rights reserved


Malkovich Music Los Angeles, California


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