Empire State Of Mind (redux)

from by Malkovich Music

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the fog hung like a problem over rows of stucco
from the windows, a faint glow
the UFO flew low, but all they saw was palms
the captain waved and they carried on
back on the ground the animals rummaged through the rubbish
two drunkards in an alley, gone
that Cali bomb got the world looking badly drawn
like God’s a lefty, and everything he draws smudges
he pauses, mutters 'fuck this' and rushes
what results is unfit to publish
now it’s all over the world in leatherbound covers
it says we need to be punished, guess he holds grudges
now I’m after them stones like I’m Mike Douglas
I’m Indiana Jones with a bullet and one wish
the devil leans in for the tonguekiss
motherfuckers is rolling like aborigines rowing
blast to starboard, call Napoleon
window wound down, blow a blow dart close to the mark
barely missed and hit Noah’s Ark
the sky exploded in feathers, the man remarked
later on as he wrote in his letters
his wife back home kept ‘em stowed in her dresser
two drawers from the bottom, below the sweaters
when her manfriend would show up, she kept her mouth shut
photographs face down, then she went face down
can’t look him in the eye, but she can play around
don’t know why though, she never makes a sound
the man snorts and heaves
but the woman stays dryer than autumn leaves.. that’s guilt
and she wonders why every plant in the house wilts

working on drink seven, yeah yeah another booze reference
wonder why I need booze to admire a flower’s arc
a church squire, a quiet hour in the park
we built this empire on blue sapphire
whisky sour with the Cutty Sark.. the money, the power
like that, white rule emerges from the dark
destined to come apart from the start
pain keeps a man moving, fear keeps a man improving
victory is ruin, just gotta keep doing
day after day, facing that ocean, diving in the deep blue
the breeze blew, peaceful, and he grew bolder with each move
leaping over boulders deep into the far jungle where no one go
no drum solos, just grunts and low rolls
my whole life I been heel-toeing
but right now me and fate got a deal going.. my force field glowing

observations on the road I’ve taken
I seen a man die in Shanghai, don’t ask why
ran with magpies and gadflies, bad guys with bad eyes
and we all travel standby, so pack light, bring a flashlight
sailors and salesmen, bailiffs and bailsmen
a thousand soldiers about-facing and bailing
a million demonstrators scaling the railings
cuz civilization failed ‘em
on Thursday it took up one column, page thirty
the walls came down, it made page thirteen
the currency crashed and half of the newsroom laughed
Marines showed and it made page three
they beheaded the king, now to page two
yeah, better keep an eye on this thing
then rebels took the pipeline.. hello, primetime.


from PRE​-​BOARDING | mixed by DJ Spinna, released October 23, 2014



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Malkovich Music Los Angeles, California


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