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I'm in D.R. at the bar
poolside with some broads. pardon the phrase, ma
they're in their bras
and all these El Debarge looking cats around are making it hard for me to starve
nighttime we lay back and stare at the stars
is there a god? and pull out tarot cards
spent the night with an arrow lodged in my chest, yes
Cupid take a bow and a round of applause
girl name Monica.. and oh lord.
cooked me beans with the vegetable oil, no lard.
she helped me practice my Spanish, no charge
now I roll my Rs like they roll them cigars
almond eyes, and they twinkle like glass
rocks the acid-washed jeans with the sprinkles on the ass
got a little Creole, a little Puerto Rico
got a little B.O. but it's all G though
got a little hijo, and a baby daddy about 300 pounds and six feet four
showed up at the door, time for Malky to go
on some Looney Tunes shit, adios amigo.

let us blow to the next episode
a pickup, a big cup and a bumpy road
let's go, yep yep time to go
a pickup, a big cup and a bumpy road
let it flow homeboy, let it flow
a pickup, a big cup and a bumpy road
let us blow to the next episode
a pickup, a big cup and a bumpy road

we got these tall boys from the liquor store
we gonna drink these, then we gonna get some more
and ignore them cats hanging by the front door
they gonna get you for whatever they can get you for
it's all about that girl down in number four
she got every dude on the block itching to score
she know what she's doing in them little shorts
stepped to her real fast, like 'what you take me for?'
now I got a lil partner, a good chick
nice with the car stereo, she don't play no bullshit
good with my fetty, she don't let me buy no bullshit
dresses like Salt 'n Pepa circa era Push It
heaven scent, she make my ride smell sexy
we spend more time in the back seat than the front seat
but more and more these days she wanna front see
cop a lil funky attitude and try to punk me
told her get right or get left, get some ackrite or get effed
shotgun driver still wanna ball and shout then she passed out
when she woke up we were at her mama house


from PRE​-​BOARDING | mixed by DJ Spinna, released October 23, 2014



all rights reserved


Malkovich Music Los Angeles, California


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