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left my life to be a part of this. drive-thrus and freeways and all of this
watched America on TV when I was six
Baywatch, Eddie Murphy popping s**t
moved here, and got on it quick. every day toothbrush polish my kicks
and them kicks ain't even fit, but they looked good, so I rocked with it
Book of Bush, psalm 3:6, somebody gotta eat s**t so you can be rich
sell em whatever you see fit
and if they die off it that’s something their dumb ass gotta deal with
well right now we the b**ch
doing whatever we gotta do to feed the itch
and it’s at a fever pitch. but it’s gotta end... it’s the American requiem

the people who invented democracy
had other people chained up like property
and today they still can't shake poverty
and you still tryna sell that equality
they still broke, and you still rich
and you don't see how the two might possibly be connected?
now that’s comedy
that’s clowns and monkeys at the f**king Carnegie
I wake up every day in the US of A
and I thank my lucky stars, my astronomy
the winner makes the rules, even if he cheats
and in this game all the players do
it's the way the world works, ain’t nothing new
I'm tryna get it, I don't know about you
I’m happy to be here, this is true
but I know where I’m at, I ain’t no fool
Slavery 3.0, no color lines, just one line, white, black, dumb, blind
this time they don’t own us, just everything else
everything we see, touch and smell
same dudes selling the bullets and the band-aids
and we're too ready to blast ourself
gotcha half dead, digging all in your own head
cuz you can't even afford the f**king lead

so everybody’s like now what?
nothing left to do but work from the ground up
cuz everything you know’s been ground up, like coffee beans
and you think you probably seen this before?
outta luck. the world broke, if you noticed
things look the same but it feel different, don’t it?
everybody on TV's still loaded
and you over here living moment to moment
but the ground’s getting hotter every other day
it’s going down, it’s already underway
is America America without suckers?
we're about to find out... so good luck
a silver lining: the dumbass in us is dying
and the dumbass is us, no denying
so let me propose a toast to the death of stupidity
and what we're gonna be


from PRE​-​BOARDING | mixed by DJ Spinna, released October 23, 2014



all rights reserved


Malkovich Music Los Angeles, California


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