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here's the picture like Mozilla
from the land of no winter, a melting pot set on slow simmer
a low heat, turning up slowly
sending me and my team into the streets boldly for them proceeds
outlines, plans and diagrams, blown out, just lines in the sand
regroup, throw the alley-oop, recoup and buy me a coup
NY, my own brownstone, buy me a stoop
fuck a ball court. hoops ain't gon help cats
the world's messed up, get your thinking caps, think facts
used to write till my hand had ink tracks
now I tap my Blackberry till the space bar cracks
between making nuff calls to leave my SIM card taxed

each heist is my new best... just feels like I'm losing less
I feel it pinching at my chest... in this life there won't be no rest

for every day I spent just walking
with no clue what to do and got nowhere to go
all I know is something's calling
the slower I walk, the louder it gets
and when I'm sitting it's driving me outta my head
age ten, they said the kid is ambitious
years later, the shit is a damn sickness
love withers, friends keep their distance
yeah it's painful, but nah I don't blame you
if I was smart, I'd do the same too
but I got heart so I say fuck it and stay true
and that's a story for another day boo, anyhoo
that's life in my shoes, ten and a halfs
I sleep in em, no bedside tables, no bibles
life got rules but I only learn when I lose
friends got advice but I never liked jewels
that’s pride fooling you, like a rock can outshine you
like you gotta taste hell to see heaven, who lied to you?
we ain’t gotta make nada
right now's perfect. take it like a bank robber, in today's honor

the sun's shining, life is good.. so why don't I feel it like I should?
friends say chill, stop tripping
like I'm the only one who sees the clock ticking
my religion's ambition
there's only one life to live, and there ain't nothing after this
and so I'm living life on the roam, roaming left me all alone
but roaming's all I know, so give me the strength to keep on going.

we don't need answers, don't need passwords
just need to move anywhere but backwards
and if we should ever be in doubt.. fuck it, we took the scenic route
this a marathon through the Amazon, through Babylon
the Matterhorn, the catacombs, each day's a hundred hours long
we at the Travelodge, ten rappers large
tryna figure how to camouflage this catalog
to get it past the castle walls
our numbers slashed, we're cut to half
I know it's tough to grasp, motherfuckers in the past, nothing last
and those left are in the desparation of great expectations
and again, they say patience
be gracious in the face of complications
though joy’s evasive and grief be your close acquaintance
cuz faith is the basis, we're in space and it’s the spaceship
a world unglued.. faith sticks
someone special told me that
ain't believe it till she left, now I know that's a fact.


from PRE​-​BOARDING | mixed by DJ Spinna, released October 23, 2014



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Malkovich Music Los Angeles, California


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