PRE​-​BOARDING | mixed by DJ Spinna

by Malkovich Music

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Iranian/British-blooded, Italian-born, and raised across the Middle East and Europe before moving to Los Angeles, homeless traveling rapper Malkovich presents Pre-Boarding, his new mixtape mixed by DJ Spinna. On Pre-Boarding, Malkovich raps over African, Caribbean, Brazilian, Indian and Cape Verdean world music classics from Alice Coltrane, Shaan, Serge Gainsbourg, Rob, Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Contonou Dahomey, Mulatu Astatqe, Augustus Pablo, Tim Maia, and Orquesta Joe Cain, as well as two compositions from L.A. producer Computer Jay. Omni, Sum, Chris Clarke and Ali Baba Abnormal also guest. Malkovich shares a dedication to love, an ode to his idea of home, his experience of becoming an American citizen and a eulogy to imperialism across Pre-Boarding’s 11 tracks, written in the Dominican Republic, Belize and Jamaica. Pre-Boarding is Malkovich’s second full-length release since throwing away all his possessions to travel the world; the first being 2013’s Great Expectations, which received support from DJ Premier, The Source and the Wake Up Show. His 2011 mixtape Ayatollah Presley - mixed by deejay/producer House Shoes – featured Dibia$e and Prince Po of Organized Konfusion, and his verse from “NOLA Redux” kicked off Gilles Peterson’s 2009 Best Of HipHop Mix. Malkovich recently began #1BAG, a multimedia project where he finds producers across the world on Twitter, collaborates with them in their countries, and documents the experience through music, video and articles. Pre-Boarding marks “the true beginning of my career,” Malkovich says when asked about the mixtape’s title. “I always dreamed of documenting my world travels through music, and after 20 years of rapping, my dream's my reality.”


released October 23, 2014

tape mixed by DJ Spinna [@djspinna]
a Gilles Peterson Worldwide Premiere
music mixed and mastered by Yamin Semali [@yaminallday]
special thanks to Alice Coltrane, Shaan, Serge Gainsbourg, Roy, Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Contonou Dahomey, Mulatu Astatqe, Augustus Pablo, Tim Maia, Joe McCain and Mazzi.

cover art shot by Chuck Chilla


all rights reserved



Malkovich Music Los Angeles, California


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Track Name: Love
it's a child's bedsheets. it's more diaper-changing, less sleep
it's giving up this week, next week
giving up your whole year then repeat
it's how to keep from killing that fucking parakeet
all it does is shriek and now you need therapy
it's doing it for you, the hell with me. it's doing it for the L O V E
it's January 2009, D.C., a crowd in a line, waiting patiently
behind a gate from five to eight in minus eight
thin-ass jacket on but I was straight
it's my steak on your plate. it's a slice of cake at a wake
it's the price of hate, and hate’s its own price
so you lost twice, we call that the breaks
fuck this. mufukas don't even know what love is... it's a rumor
everyone saying the songs and playing along
but they’re just words, they don’t make em that strong
but fuck a meaning, it’s a feeling, and feelings are what we deal in
but love got about a million
enough to write a thousand books, just ask William
this ain’t a Shakespeare play dear
on my eighth beer, I fear I may veer
and if I go there, don't mean I don't care
just means I'm tryna live this life before I'm outta here
maybe stick to beer two, objects appear more clear in the rear view
but I want my cake and eat it too, yeah I do
I want it all. why wouldn't you?
fantasies become disease, and real soulmates dont grow on trees
so I'ma have me some fun, and find me the one
then I'm done. peace of mind, that'd get me some
flew too close to the sun, hit the ground, and all I know is to run
women with tears in their eyes, love in their hearts
I kept us apart, to lie in the dark for someone who may never come
or maybe she done come and gone and I was too dumb
married to the future, lost in minutiae
pretty lights, the city life'll lose ya
please let me not fuck this up, for real
please let me not fuck this up, she's real
she got heart and smarts and soul and style
and jokes for miles and tits and ass and lips and sass
and she goes hard, full steam
and she wants to make my dreams more than just dreams

love is a friend, forget all of this.. it's a friend, that's all it is
after all the meddling, backpedalling
when everything is crushed, leveled and the dust's settling
love is a friend. I repeat
when all you can do is cry for help cuz you can't recognize yourself
somebody to remind you that you're not by yourself
Track Name: The Reset (prod. Computer Jay, f. Sherli)
the anomaly, the prime nominee
Iranian Muhammad Ali in your coliseum
ancient Rome your Superdome, bloodbath
a puff of smoke, puff puff pass, all they saw was a mustache
at the convention, flexing my new invention
Malkovich saved the world, haha.. don't mention
you don't wanna know what I'm benching, it's depressing
so keep your eyes on your paper cuz times are testing

peace to my peeps in the streets of the whole middle east
hope you get a little peace now
shit'll cease when we get a hold of ourselves
man's a animal and we gotta keep the beast down
Crips and Bloods and Christians and Muslims
mothers, brothers, sisters, and cousins
it's the future, let's get on some Jetsons shit
money, prosperity and everybody getting it
congratulations to Southern Sudan
now your lives are in your own hands
Japan, this too shall pass, handling it with class
if that was Los Angeles that'd be our ass
I start a school in the Caribbean with a few billion
so a few brilliant minds won't have to scrub kitchens
billions become a few bazillions, me in Rio with a few Brazilians
barely legal in a pair of Speedos, killin em.

rest of the world knocking and you can't stop it
how long you gon keep it all in your own pocket
there there, gotta share, selfish, you just scared
no more gimme gimme, that was last year
we way past fear like troops on the border in Kashmir
you want fair, you ain't got cab fare
fuck outta here, don't matter where you're from
everybody walk to their own beat, only matter how you hear the drum
everybody wanna know the secret, yo leak it
print it up, put it on a t-shirt.. nope, this one's on me, kid
game is to be sold not to be told but now it's free
shit, yeah, we hit the reset
everybody looking for the money it ain't turning up
maybe the hole in the ozone layer burnt it up
maybe they took our credit limit and turned it up
or the bankers came and took their eighty percent cut
like damn, can I even get a piece of mine?
someone gimme a sign, lord would you be so kind?
can I get success? can I get some peace of mind
that me walking out this door won't be the last time?
can I get love? or at least a little satisfaction
then you give somebody some and somebody give you back some.
Track Name: American Requiem
left my life to be a part of this. drive-thrus and freeways and all of this
watched America on TV when I was six
Baywatch, Eddie Murphy popping s**t
moved here, and got on it quick. every day toothbrush polish my kicks
and them kicks ain't even fit, but they looked good, so I rocked with it
Book of Bush, psalm 3:6, somebody gotta eat s**t so you can be rich
sell em whatever you see fit
and if they die off it that’s something their dumb ass gotta deal with
well right now we the b**ch
doing whatever we gotta do to feed the itch
and it’s at a fever pitch. but it’s gotta end... it’s the American requiem

the people who invented democracy
had other people chained up like property
and today they still can't shake poverty
and you still tryna sell that equality
they still broke, and you still rich
and you don't see how the two might possibly be connected?
now that’s comedy
that’s clowns and monkeys at the f**king Carnegie
I wake up every day in the US of A
and I thank my lucky stars, my astronomy
the winner makes the rules, even if he cheats
and in this game all the players do
it's the way the world works, ain’t nothing new
I'm tryna get it, I don't know about you
I’m happy to be here, this is true
but I know where I’m at, I ain’t no fool
Slavery 3.0, no color lines, just one line, white, black, dumb, blind
this time they don’t own us, just everything else
everything we see, touch and smell
same dudes selling the bullets and the band-aids
and we're too ready to blast ourself
gotcha half dead, digging all in your own head
cuz you can't even afford the f**king lead

so everybody’s like now what?
nothing left to do but work from the ground up
cuz everything you know’s been ground up, like coffee beans
and you think you probably seen this before?
outta luck. the world broke, if you noticed
things look the same but it feel different, don’t it?
everybody on TV's still loaded
and you over here living moment to moment
but the ground’s getting hotter every other day
it’s going down, it’s already underway
is America America without suckers?
we're about to find out... so good luck
a silver lining: the dumbass in us is dying
and the dumbass is us, no denying
so let me propose a toast to the death of stupidity
and what we're gonna be
Track Name: Ambition
here's the picture like Mozilla
from the land of no winter, a melting pot set on slow simmer
a low heat, turning up slowly
sending me and my team into the streets boldly for them proceeds
outlines, plans and diagrams, blown out, just lines in the sand
regroup, throw the alley-oop, recoup and buy me a coup
NY, my own brownstone, buy me a stoop
fuck a ball court. hoops ain't gon help cats
the world's messed up, get your thinking caps, think facts
used to write till my hand had ink tracks
now I tap my Blackberry till the space bar cracks
between making nuff calls to leave my SIM card taxed

each heist is my new best... just feels like I'm losing less
I feel it pinching at my chest... in this life there won't be no rest

for every day I spent just walking
with no clue what to do and got nowhere to go
all I know is something's calling
the slower I walk, the louder it gets
and when I'm sitting it's driving me outta my head
age ten, they said the kid is ambitious
years later, the shit is a damn sickness
love withers, friends keep their distance
yeah it's painful, but nah I don't blame you
if I was smart, I'd do the same too
but I got heart so I say fuck it and stay true
and that's a story for another day boo, anyhoo
that's life in my shoes, ten and a halfs
I sleep in em, no bedside tables, no bibles
life got rules but I only learn when I lose
friends got advice but I never liked jewels
that’s pride fooling you, like a rock can outshine you
like you gotta taste hell to see heaven, who lied to you?
we ain’t gotta make nada
right now's perfect. take it like a bank robber, in today's honor

the sun's shining, life is good.. so why don't I feel it like I should?
friends say chill, stop tripping
like I'm the only one who sees the clock ticking
my religion's ambition
there's only one life to live, and there ain't nothing after this
and so I'm living life on the roam, roaming left me all alone
but roaming's all I know, so give me the strength to keep on going.

we don't need answers, don't need passwords
just need to move anywhere but backwards
and if we should ever be in doubt.. fuck it, we took the scenic route
this a marathon through the Amazon, through Babylon
the Matterhorn, the catacombs, each day's a hundred hours long
we at the Travelodge, ten rappers large
tryna figure how to camouflage this catalog
to get it past the castle walls
our numbers slashed, we're cut to half
I know it's tough to grasp, motherfuckers in the past, nothing last
and those left are in the desparation of great expectations
and again, they say patience
be gracious in the face of complications
though joy’s evasive and grief be your close acquaintance
cuz faith is the basis, we're in space and it’s the spaceship
a world unglued.. faith sticks
someone special told me that
ain't believe it till she left, now I know that's a fact.
Track Name: Happy When I'm Lost
took a wrong turn off the freeway... had nowhere to go anyway
engine smoking and the radio's broken
and my driver window and this Heinie bottle won't open
American made, not a damn thing works but who gives a shit, you look great, it's the American way
no gas from here to Pelican Bay
Escaped Convict signs on the freeway, look, they're getting away, run!
fools won't last day one
desert'll fry yall to steak, pass the A-1
all they saw was sand, ran to the edge of the sky and just saw more sand
and then Jesus, two more believers
must be your plan, like every windfall and bad scam on my course landed me on this scenic overlook
with this small van and this tall can and all these grand ideas that's just sand through my hands

I'd be you gladly, I get so bored of being me
it ain't personal, I'd go crazy being anybody
all this waking up, straining to make a buck
making love, making mistakes and breaking up
till fate says enough and clocks me out
now you got me loud, don't worry, this next shot'll knock me out
and you won't hear my mouth for like an hour at least
get some driving done and maybe I'll get lucky and dream
all I seen, walls the color of cream, plasma screens that's all static
everything smelled like gasoline, and woke up going what the fuck does it mean?
under a tree with dogs licking me and kids kicking me and the engine picked now to spring a leak
ran out of chippers, yeah, figures
and oh yeah, LA had its earthquake, the big dipper, it's history
now your dreams are realer than your memories
you got a clean slate, a new life, works for me

if we don't move we die, and we only move when we're missing something
so maybe mistakes keep us alive
and half of mine are the smartest things I ever did
so the only real mistake is not doing shit, so everything's cool
so why do I feel like that ain't true?
too little, too late, 2am chasing a drink
but this is Cali, you assed out, your team's passed out
in this hick-ass town and shoulda been put the fucking glass down
why you hanging round? lay your ass down
but I ain't tired, I'm wired like I'm nine and don't wanna miss a thing
like I'm driving ten miles with my turn light blinking
like I'm high and can't stop thinking, I ain't got a inkling
I don't know shit, wanna walk? walk quick
I'm contagious, lemme get close, I'm gon stick
Track Name: Empire State Of Mind (redux)
the fog hung like a problem over rows of stucco
from the windows, a faint glow
the UFO flew low, but all they saw was palms
the captain waved and they carried on
back on the ground the animals rummaged through the rubbish
two drunkards in an alley, gone
that Cali bomb got the world looking badly drawn
like God’s a lefty, and everything he draws smudges
he pauses, mutters 'fuck this' and rushes
what results is unfit to publish
now it’s all over the world in leatherbound covers
it says we need to be punished, guess he holds grudges
now I’m after them stones like I’m Mike Douglas
I’m Indiana Jones with a bullet and one wish
the devil leans in for the tonguekiss
motherfuckers is rolling like aborigines rowing
blast to starboard, call Napoleon
window wound down, blow a blow dart close to the mark
barely missed and hit Noah’s Ark
the sky exploded in feathers, the man remarked
later on as he wrote in his letters
his wife back home kept ‘em stowed in her dresser
two drawers from the bottom, below the sweaters
when her manfriend would show up, she kept her mouth shut
photographs face down, then she went face down
can’t look him in the eye, but she can play around
don’t know why though, she never makes a sound
the man snorts and heaves
but the woman stays dryer than autumn leaves.. that’s guilt
and she wonders why every plant in the house wilts

working on drink seven, yeah yeah another booze reference
wonder why I need booze to admire a flower’s arc
a church squire, a quiet hour in the park
we built this empire on blue sapphire
whisky sour with the Cutty Sark.. the money, the power
like that, white rule emerges from the dark
destined to come apart from the start
pain keeps a man moving, fear keeps a man improving
victory is ruin, just gotta keep doing
day after day, facing that ocean, diving in the deep blue
the breeze blew, peaceful, and he grew bolder with each move
leaping over boulders deep into the far jungle where no one go
no drum solos, just grunts and low rolls
my whole life I been heel-toeing
but right now me and fate got a deal going.. my force field glowing

observations on the road I’ve taken
I seen a man die in Shanghai, don’t ask why
ran with magpies and gadflies, bad guys with bad eyes
and we all travel standby, so pack light, bring a flashlight
sailors and salesmen, bailiffs and bailsmen
a thousand soldiers about-facing and bailing
a million demonstrators scaling the railings
cuz civilization failed ‘em
on Thursday it took up one column, page thirty
the walls came down, it made page thirteen
the currency crashed and half of the newsroom laughed
Marines showed and it made page three
they beheaded the king, now to page two
yeah, better keep an eye on this thing
then rebels took the pipeline.. hello, primetime.
Track Name: Bumpy Road
I'm in D.R. at the bar
poolside with some broads. pardon the phrase, ma
they're in their bras
and all these El Debarge looking cats around are making it hard for me to starve
nighttime we lay back and stare at the stars
is there a god? and pull out tarot cards
spent the night with an arrow lodged in my chest, yes
Cupid take a bow and a round of applause
girl name Monica.. and oh lord.
cooked me beans with the vegetable oil, no lard.
she helped me practice my Spanish, no charge
now I roll my Rs like they roll them cigars
almond eyes, and they twinkle like glass
rocks the acid-washed jeans with the sprinkles on the ass
got a little Creole, a little Puerto Rico
got a little B.O. but it's all G though
got a little hijo, and a baby daddy about 300 pounds and six feet four
showed up at the door, time for Malky to go
on some Looney Tunes shit, adios amigo.

let us blow to the next episode
a pickup, a big cup and a bumpy road
let's go, yep yep time to go
a pickup, a big cup and a bumpy road
let it flow homeboy, let it flow
a pickup, a big cup and a bumpy road
let us blow to the next episode
a pickup, a big cup and a bumpy road

we got these tall boys from the liquor store
we gonna drink these, then we gonna get some more
and ignore them cats hanging by the front door
they gonna get you for whatever they can get you for
it's all about that girl down in number four
she got every dude on the block itching to score
she know what she's doing in them little shorts
stepped to her real fast, like 'what you take me for?'
now I got a lil partner, a good chick
nice with the car stereo, she don't play no bullshit
good with my fetty, she don't let me buy no bullshit
dresses like Salt 'n Pepa circa era Push It
heaven scent, she make my ride smell sexy
we spend more time in the back seat than the front seat
but more and more these days she wanna front see
cop a lil funky attitude and try to punk me
told her get right or get left, get some ackrite or get effed
shotgun driver still wanna ball and shout then she passed out
when she woke up we were at her mama house
Track Name: We Gonna Rule
in the sunshine and all my stars are aligned, I got time.
how to make a minute out a second? I figured it out
in and out, keep stepping. yall sweating a printout?
life ain't got no receipt, and religious beliefs are deceitful
that shit's stone-age man, it's all see-through
evolve beyond, eighty years and we're gone, so keep the heat on
early morning I sip my Ceylon
looking for a cracker to spread my Brie on
bread and cheese, get your cheese, my G
now we're eating like Dom Delouise, my G
I take 'em crumpled or in bundles, the same to me
I don't grumble, that's that one dude, it ain't me
six million sperm in a load and I made it
so this is all icing on the cake shit
they call me ADHD cuz I can't choose between all these pretty ladies
an outside table please, so we can enjoy the breeze
and when I lean in we accidentally knock knees
it's all a man needs, me and you at the crib, cmon, kick your feet up
a little Aretha, a little reefer, if you want pizza we can put it on my Visa
remember when shit was crucial
staying frugal, eating noodles, basil if you wanna be frou-frou
but this month I'm bubbling so get whatever you wanna get, booboo
cuz pretty soon

85 degrees and by the sea, goddamn right, this is the life for me
my door stays open, fuck privacy. I got nothing to hide, you see
sold my Honda for two gees, yeah they got a deal
now I roll the Oldsmobile, I'm in the driver's seat
stock 16s, scheming on 20s, got a CD player for them hot sixteens
scheming on pennies? not me player..
premium gas, yeah see me I'm fast
I understand yall needing yall cash but 33 cents ain't really all that
cats live like they're destined to fail, I spend like the check's in the mail hustle hard, every month is a downtown shot
but I make it every time and sit down to much applause
think like a pauper? that's all you gonna get
I think like a baller who ain't made it big yet
key word - copping new angles
at lunch with Spielberg, working the half-Jew angle
on that note let me get out your way
gotta shit shower shave for them big power plays
you see, by nature we do this, rain or shine
and everything we want comes to us
cruising, got the wheel in each hand
PCH air smelling like beach sand
pardon me, but i'm feeling every part of me
and I'm ready like the R&B band, sing that shit.
Track Name: Home
stray dogs, and every one of 'em, we feel like they're ours
this is home
chase cars, break hard, car crash, bomb blast.. thank god
another day watching time pass in a land that time passed
one strap slippers and dirty rivers
and everywhere we go you know we got our whole family with us
quakes kill half the city.. electricity till three
kids make baseballs and throw rocks
twelve hours in a sweatshop gets hot
no work, all we do is make babies
nothing but pretty ladies, can you blame me?
been gone a long time.. but in my heart that's home for all time

burning hot car seats
wear shorts, burn a leg on, hot sidewalks, fry an egg on
cars is European, and leaking
or Subarus with the hood superglued, creaking
they're traffic jammed up, and beeping
and they might be stuck in that shit all weekend
drive down our street, we all peeping
but just cuz we curious, no reason
nah we ain’t scheming, most of us decent
but you always got them certain cats beasting
peace in the field’s an achievement
but as long as people ain’t eating it’s got no meaning
it’s a sequence.. the names change
the timeframe'll change but the shit keep repeating
been gone a long time, but in my heart that's home for all time

no shoes, hard soles, black feet, no dentist, bad teeth
but in a race they'll lay you out like a man asleep
no gym, no trainer, natural athletes
soccer game in every backstreet
and them boys don't even stop for rain
kids play like soccer's all they got, a shame
it ain't true but if they think so, it's all the same
cops'll lock you up, stock and chain, for not a damn thing
and people will not complain
and you're lucky if you're getting out
and don't ask my cousin what them marks on her back are about
just brainwashed sick and ain't got shit
it's the same old shtick, they just act it out
been gone a long time, but in my heart that's home for all time
get me outta here.
Track Name: Boarding (prod. Computer Jay, f. Ali Baba Abnormal, Sum, Chris Clarke, Omni)
it's a Green Card jihad
he punched a hole in my shit
it got recalled, now wait for my row to be called
right hand, I solemnly swear long as we're here to rep US
me and Yussef, y u s s, yes, two s
the floor cheering, black president swore me in
we're going hard all weekend, more Cristal
just glad they ain't line us single file and shoot us through the head Schindler's List style
party? no preference, no difference
put me down for whichever dude's parents was the immigrants
we're the militants
building businesses like Egyptians with them pyramids
and now your kids are mixed
good genes, honor roll, never caught a cold
they cook, clean, daughters beauty queens, sons all swole
half Brit, camel jockey, karate, Somali
Haiti, Kuwaiti babies, my lil Gandhis
Track Name: Kenyatta
midnight and this Greyhound's about to break down
it's making that shaking sound
runaways and scared flyers.. one kid sleeping with a pair of pliers
high noon off the Belize Keys, sweating in a packed taxiboat
getting crunched, I hope fatty float
cuz if the shit flip I’ma grab his throat
morning, I slide through customs easy
white last name make my life easy
looking at me weird cuz I don’t have the beard in the photo
so what? gotta go.. no back room for me
my uncle fell asleep in there once and woke up in Turkey
he’s a good guy but the return visa still took five.. I could cry
dawn and the sun’s creeping.. all I hear’s the train squeaking
then like a beacon the town unfolded, homes, cars and streets
postcard treatment
had me geeking so hard this old broad had to nudge me
now I’m in your country, sun on my neck
bag around my neck but I’m punchy, streets are chunky
music playing, peeps is bumpy, girls chonies is lumpy
the song got my ears ringing
then suddenly everybody in the crowd starts singing

and it was nothing I understood but it was all good.. again
and it was like a light went off in my head and everything I saw said..
and we clapped our hands sore and danced our feet raw
and I told myself I never wanted anything more
and then the band said

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